Day 5: Woah, it’s already been 5 days?

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you all had a great day yesterday and today… my photos from yesterday got erased! The ones from today almost got erased too, but I was able to recover them.. I got a new memory card, the “eye-fi.” Any of you have it? I’m really struggling… ha! It’s a wireless memory card.

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s already been 5 days on the Challenge… I haven’t had a struggling day yet. Also, I am supposed to be having mood swings like nuts right now (mmmhmmm, PMS gets to me) and I absolutely do not! That’s one thing that I think is so crazy about eating this way- my emotions stabilize more than ever possible. Don’t take it lightly when I say it’s WONDERFUL!


This morning I had 1/2 cup greek yogurt, faux granola, honey, and a small banana all mixed together. This has been one of my most favorite breakfasts!


While I was babysitting, I snacked on this Peanut Butter LARABAR… as always, I love them… I truly don’t get tired of them… am I the only one? I crave em!

I got an iPad yesterday! I got the most basic one, and so far I love it! I hope that just WiFi is enough! The lady told me to just get the basic one, and if I felt I needed more within two weeks, to exchange it. Lets hope this one is sufficient because they start gettin’ more pricey 😉


Around lunch time, I had a yogurt with one snack bag of trek-mix. This yogurt has sugar in the ingredients, but it’s the only thing that was available to me, and to be honest, I’m not worried. It’s not junk food 🙂


When I got done babysitting, I picked up Griffin, went to Trader Joes, and made a snack when I got home.

One green apple, a few slices of dried mango, and 2 tbsp. of Sunflower Butter. Mmm!

Now I am still babysitting, and will be off in about an hour. Then, an hour after that, back to babysitting! Plus, tomorrow I have a 12 hour babysitting job that starts at 6am. Phew! I’ll be restin’ on Sunday! That is for sure!

Hope you all have a great day…!

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