DAY 6: Yesterday is complete!

Good morning everyone! I am running out the door to get to class, but I wanted to quickly post what I ate the rest of the day yesterday, and for breakfast this morning (that will be in the next post)

Before the gym yesterday, I ate 1/2 a Lemon LARABAR. I did just over an hour of cardio. It felt so good!

After the gym, I worked for a little while, ran some errands, and came home to enjoy this pretty cottage cheese & pineapple

I love putting things in wine glasses because they’re so pretty 🙂

About an hour later I had this pluot & a kombucha!

This was such a fun Kombucha! Do you guys like Kombucha?

I must say, I see people being picky with this one. The flavor is GREAT, but it has all this little jelly like chia seeds in it that may feel a little funny goin’ down. My brother freaked out; I fully enjoyed them! Give it a try and decide for yourself 😉

A little white later, before dinner, I had my “dessert” first because I wanted something fruity and refreshing before I started cooking. This was it! Watermelon! Mmm mmm good! Especially on a hot day!

For dinner, I cooked broccoli, salmon, and salad with tomato slices on the side. It was soo good!

Instead of using salt, I used garlic powder and pepper on everything. It felt so good not using salt yesterday, and I’m going to make that a goal again today. I even weighed less today because of the water retention salt causes!

I steamed this broccoli over a pot of boiling water, and seasoned it with garlic powder & pepper also. It was so good, and so healthy!

Love, Paige

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