DAY 7: I have a small appetite today

Good evening everyone! I hope your days have been great! Let’s start off this post with the amazing package that arrived at my doorstep while studying today 😉

My Piperlime items came! I loved everything, but the square purse that I wanted actually was about 1/2 the size I expected. It was an exact style of what I wanted, but in miniature! Haha, that will be returned, and hopefully I’ll be able to find the Large one 🙂 Everything else was great, and you will see it all this Sunday when I post pictures from the wedding I am going to on Saturday!

So, now for the food! I ate my packed school lunch around noon, and that held me over for a long long time. I ate this watermelon because I felt like something fresh. I had this around 5pm. It was actually quite filling, too!

Three n’ a half hours later, after studying more and grocery shopping for my Job, I ate this banana and peanut butter. This peanut butter is Organic, and from Trader Joes. I highly recommend that you guys buy organic peanut butter, and stay away from the fakies 🙂

This was so yummy, and perfect for tonight because I have just not been very hungry today. I’m not quite sure why… Now, it’s 9pm, I just got done studying some more, and I’m going to head to the gym because I have lots of energy, and I feel like doing something good for myself 🙂

Maybe I’ll see you guys back here after if I get hungry! We’ll let my tummy decide! Hope you’re all doing well!

Love, Paige

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