DAY 7: One week is done! Great job!

Okay, now for DAY 7’s breakfast and school snacks!

For breakfast I had yogurt with fruit & flaxseed

The combination of the plain greek yog, kiwi, & peach was soo good! The flaxseed gave it a super great nutty flavor, too. I loved that!

In my backpack, I have 1 Lemon LARABAR, 1 pluot, and 1 serv. of Almonds

This snack will hold me over for the 5 hours that I am at school today! See you guys back here later! I hope you’re all doing great on the diet!

TODAY IS DAY 7! Woohoo! 🙂 I am so proud of ALL of us for doing this together, and being so good! Let me know how you are all doing! I love hearing!

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