Day 9: Routine Challenge

How routine helped me remember how important it is for me to have DEEP belly laughs with girlfriends, to let loose and have a friggin' blast.


We had the BEST time in Palm Springs celebrating my friend Bry for her bachelorette party. I got such little sleep that getting even just seven hours last night felt like a DREAM. I woke up a new woman. Haha!

This weekend was such a reminder of how important it is for me to have DEEP belly laughs with girlfriends, to let loose and have a friggin’ blast.

We spent lots of time in the sun, got dressed up, went out, shared ideas with one another (makeup, health, life, relationships, shopping, etc… everything!) and it was truly so ideal. I’m on cloud 9 today.

Last night on the airplane ride home I planned out my morning. I was excited to get back into a work week after such an incredible weekend. Here’s what I planned:

  • 7:20 wake (needed some sleep catch up and felt that was best!)
  • 7:30 hang with Marco in bed with coffee (hadn’t seen him all weekend)
  • 8:15 run with Abby and have FUN doing it (I saw the most beautiful rainbow and listened to music that PUMPED me up)
  • 9:00 shower and get ready to “feel cute” (did you see my post about this?). I feel GREAT today having spent the time to get ready in something totally comfortable that feels like “me”
  • 10:00 head out to work from a coffee shop, answer weekend emails, set up new clients, write this post (wahoo!), and then send new client gifts (post office)
  • 2:00 finished with work, hang with Abber’s
  • 3:30 laundry while watching a fun show
  • 6:00 landscaper comes and Marco and I will have dinner and continue working on the house 🙂
  • 9:00 sleeeeeep so much!

I talked a ton with my girlfriends this weekend about everything I’m learning about our BRAINS and how we can literally create an INCREDIBLE life for ourselves by learning to manage our minds.

I’ve been using these tools with my clients and it’s been a GAME CHANGER in how well they’re able to listen to their bodies and what feels BEST. I’m so excited about everything I’ve been learning as I do this routine experiment.

I’ll be back tomorrow through Friday to check-in with you all on how it’s going. From this challenge, I feel happier in my life than I’ve felt in a long time. I’ve been “happy” for a while, but more like… comfortable happy.

Today, I feel CONFIDENT happy. Best life happy. I-can-do-anything (and so can you!), happy.

I want you to feel that too! I’ll be putting on a coaching call on ROUTINE soon. Still getting the details together – but it should be before end of May! Interested? Let me know your email – leave it in the comments or email me at

You can create a life you LOVE. Not just comfortably like. I would be HONORED to show you how (this is not too good to be true – I spent the last year struggling with routine, especially in the morning, and now I’m on fire after using the strategies I’ve learned!).

Your Turn

I want to hear from you! Will you stick to this challenge with me for the next five days? The goal was two weeks! Join me 🙂 If you started and have kept it going, yay! If you started on stopped, come on back!

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