Day in the Valley with my best friend ♥

Good afternoon, and happy Sunday! So, before I catch up on today, I need to catch you all up on yestaaaday!

Yesterday was a very good day, thanks to my best friend. Ah, I am so thankful for her!

Okay, first off, I started my day by climbing out of bed, getting my journal & coffee, and spending some quiet time waking up. It was so nice… this is my favorite way to wake up, but if I’m not up early enough, it just doesn’t happen. That’s gotta change, or the gym early in the morning is getting kicked (sorry Dad!) 😛

After my quick time, I made some Oatmeal

Old Fashioned Oats


Almond Milk

& Granola, please.

And you’ll never see me eating breakfast without Coffee, till the day I die.

And yes, I am convinced, I would die without Coffee 😉

After breakfast, I got ready & packed, and took off for Miss Kaylas house!

I got there several hours after breakfast, and we made this yummy lunch. We were feelin’ like BBQ Sauce!

Tempeh/Tofu, BBQ Sauce, and a little lite cheese, on a honey wheat bun-bun. It’s a bun-bun because there’s a top & a bottom, and I’m known for open-facers. You will have to excuse me, I am ranting with all of these made up wordie-loo’s today. Okay, I’m stopping. Seriously 😛

On the side we each had a piece of Kayla’s “fried-chicken,” and two & one-half potstickers. Jum-jum-jum! (Apparently, I’m not stopping with the word thing)

After lunch, Kayla and I went to Ventura Blvd. and went shopping at the TJ-Maxxazing. Maxxazing, because this was the best EVER. I got new Paige Aqua Denim, two adorable shirts, two cute belts, new nail polish, annnd new cute wedges! Pics later? Okay, I will 😉

After hours of shopping, we went to dinner. Yes, we shopped for that many hours 😉

We went to this adorable little Vegan/Vegetarian place called “Follow Your Heart.”

We split a meal, because we always do. We always talk about how we both love to split, but no one ever wants to split! Haha, good thing we did because we didn’t even finish what we split! Thankfully! Because it made the best leftovers today!

Anyways, our appetizers included a breadstick, each

Split the picture bowl of jummy-jummy broccoli cream soup (which was made fresh from their produce hours before!)

Andddd…. drumroll pleaaaase….

Spjflajfieajfioeajfasdjlk. Yes, that translates into spanakopita 🙂

It’s a super delicious phyllo pie made with spinach, ricotta cheese, and feta cheese

After that, we went back her house and hungout for a while. We later went to Target, and got AMAZING new makeup from Garnier. Like, I’m in love, and taking back my makeup forever, which doesn’t work for me at all! And yes, I’ll post the makeup I bought as well! I will do all of that this evening 🙂

After Targs… we went to Yogurtland! Yum! Love fro-yo. This is just our thing, pretty much every time we hangout 🙂

Mango Tart & Original Tart

Strawberries & Blackberries

Granola & Shredded Coconut

Yogurt Chips


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