Day One SF!

What a great day this has been! I am having so much fun in SF.

Right now, I am sitting on my bed relaxing and smiling over the pictures from today. I am also in a great mood because we just got home from Community Group. There is a Reality in SF also, and they have the same groups that we have in Ventura that I posted about on Monday.


When I first arrived in SF, they picked me up and we went to Blue Bottle Cafe and got Cappuccinos


The three of us also shared this ginger molasses cookie. So yummy!


Pretty, right? 🙂

These next photos are just pictures to give you all an idea of what I am seeing here, and what is catching my eye

4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg

This is a bead store that we went to today, that has more beads than I could ever even imagine existing! SO many!

Tonight, Scott and I went to a place called Tacolicious for dinner. It was soo good!



First they brought out Chips & Salsa


The people sitting next to us gave us their last taco! How nice! People are so friendly here! And they aren’t afraid to talk to each other. I have met so many people just in one day


For our meal, Scott and I shared some salad, and each had a taco


I had the filet minon taco which was obviously outstanding! Mmm!


And the salsa was so good! Look how cute those dishes are!


After dinner, we walked alllll over the place, saw a ton of cute shops & restaurants, people watched… the whole thing! Oh, and had tootsie roll pops 🙂

Tonight, we ended the night with Community Group which was so good. It was so much different from what I am used to at home, but in a good way! I love seeing how other people from other places and churches share life. It’s truly refreshing 🙂

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