Day Planner GIVEAWAY! Which One!? You choose!

So, because I love you, I’m going to do a GIVEAWAY. And you guys… it’s a good one! I’m giving away a high-end planner! None of us can ignore the fact that these planners are GORGEOUS! Oh, and by the way… this is not an affiliate post. This is me buying a special one of you a gift at full price with my own dolla’s, because I appreciate you!

Guess what?! You’re in charge! You guys get to vote and let me know WHICH Day Planner you’d want to win. If there’s another brand I don’t have listed, just comment below and I’ll totally consider that brand!
erin condren giveawayErin Condren

whitney english giveaway

Whitney English

emily ley giveaway

Emily Ley

passion planner giveaway

Passion Planner 

(this is a new one that I’m sure many of you have been seeing on FB over the weekend! See the video of the Passion Planner here).

Hold your horses, it’s not time yet! First, you’ve got to vote by commenting below OR sending me a tweet to let me know WHICH ONE you’d want. Highest vote wins, so get your girlfriends in on this too!

This giveaway will run later this week, so stay tuned by getting on my VIP list now!

xo, your Coach


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