Dessert for them… Dessert for me!


Lunch today {took babysitting}: lentils, tabouli, bruschetta, + jalapeno yogurt dip & cucumbers


This dip is from Costco… sO good!


I also took a baggie of almonds + an asian pear


Snack when I came home: smoothies in a bowl

{banana, peanut butter, almond milk, cocoa, berries}


For dessert, I made brownies.

Nope, not for me! I made it before all the boys came over that I’m watching tonight. They got ice cream + brownies!

For MY desert, I took pieces of LARABAR, rolled them in melted PB, and froze them. So good! Such a great treat 🙂

IMG_1952.JPG IMG_1953.JPG IMG_1957.JPG

I picked on these pieces all night


For dinner: veggies + jalapeno sausage

I love these pre-cooked sausages from Trader Joes! All you have to do is throw everything together in a pan with olive oil and cook it up!

{Medium heat}


The boys are now glued to their Power Rangers movie. I think the boomerang game they just played out front tired them out!

Good night everyone!

Picture 1

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