Did You Know…? I Have Vid’s on YouTube!

Stomach Bloat

Hey girls!

If you’ve been a VIP (you can still sign-up!) for a long time you already know that I have a selection of YouTube Videos! I send them out in my Friday exclusive e-mail posts 🙂

Here is one that I did on Stomach Bloat!

Let me know in the comments below or VIA twitter what you’d like to see for my next Video! Now that we’re all moved, I’m going to make new Videos!

Come back tomorrow to see a whole bunch of daily eats + to hear all about our move to SLO  🙂

ALSOdid you hear yesterday’s announcement?! My e-Book is coming! Mark your Calendar for THIS Friday and make sure you’re VIP for the one day only VIP discount!

Yesterday, I had someone say “I still don’t understand how to buy the book.” So, let me share 🙂 The book will be released this Friday through my VIP list ONLY. Through that list it will be available for 25% off for ONE DAY ONLY. After Friday, I will be putting the e-Bbook for sale on my blog at regular price.

What is my book about? The first few pages are on food (and those are fabulous in helping you to be mindful!). The rest of the book is on BALANCING & IMPROVING YOUR LIFE. It’s a huge part of what I teach in Health Coaching. Let me just share a snap-shot PART of the table of contents for ya:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 6.53.26 AM

K, so raise your hand if you think this is friggin’ pretty like I do! Thanks to my sweet friends Nikki & Chad over at Sweet Birch Designs!

I can’t wait for this to be in your hands, girls! Make sure you go VIP before you leave today so I can give you a 25% OFF discount and first look!

xo, your Coach


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