Dinner & Updated Grocery List

So… about that savoring your food for later (talked about it in my last post). I am so glad that I waited! This was even better at dinner.


I ate it just a little bit differently


I picked up some Polenta at Trader Joes today. It’s right near the pasta. Polenta is somewhat similar to Grits, but in a more solid form (the way I made it). It is mainly Corn Meal and water. It is delicious!


I sliced the Polenta and cooked it in a heated pan (why can’t I think of the name for the electric skillet? Wait… is it an electric skillet? Haha) with Coconut Oil. I cooked it until it was slightly browned on each side.

I got this recipe from my good friend Linda who is an amazing cook! She sent me photos of little pancakes that she made from polenta. She topped them with maple syrup and blueberries! Looks like I am going to have to try this soon! Maybe for breakfast? Hopefully my tastebuds will feel like this when I wake up 🙂


Tonight, I made a simple salad on the side. I wanted to add some veggies in today since I am not feeling 100%. Still have a little cold! I used spring mix with italian dressing and feta cheese


In the Palak Paneer, I added about 1/3 cup of black beans that I had leftover in the fridge. I heated this up on the same grill that I cooked the Polenta on. Mmm! Seriously, I wish it looked as good as it tasted! I know some of you gourmet food lovers can see that this probably tasted great, but some of you (my Mom!!) who like things super simple and have more “typical-tastebuds,” might think this looks nasty (hey, I’m not trying to offend! Some of us have more simple tastebuds and that’s just fine!! But boring ;)). Holy moly- it was so good! Trust me on this! I wish I could make it for each and everyone of you!


Such a great dinner after a long day of working. I did lots of extras today at my Nanny Job because I felt like doing a extra since Megan was nice enough to let me “make-up” a day of work that I missed while going to San Diego. Good boss, eh?!

Here are my additions to the Trader Joes list! Per request of my frequent reader, Julie, I added my new favorites to the list!

☐ Palak Paneer

☐ Vegetable Green Curry (True Thai)

☐ Vegetable Pangang Curry (True Thai)

☐ Goat Cheese

☐ Polenta

☐ Stevia

☐ Frozen Brown Rice (3-pack)

☐ Sweet Corn & Chile Salsa

☐ Instant Maple Oats

☐ Aria Vanilla Protein Powder

☐ Tri Color Quinoa (have in my cupboard to try)

☐ All Corn Pasta

☐ Grapefruit (yep! I only started liking Grapefruit recently!)

☐ Reduced Guilt Baked Ziti

I like adding things to my list and seeing how many new things I have tried 🙂

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