Distracor Factor – Eating

Good morning everyone!

Tuesday has arrive, and I am here to show you my daily eats from Sunday through Monday.



Sunday morning was a little piece of toast with 2 eggs before Church


After Church, I came home and had my Yolanda’s leftovers


About 4 hours later, I had 4 cheese-less corn burritos piled high with salsa

The afternoon was filled with walking at the beach with my family 🙂 That was so fun. We had my little cousin Bella with us.


Dinner was late – like 8pm, so I was super hungry by then, and doing Wedding Planning.


I ate some chips & salsa, and a small bowl of Cashews to hold me over. Problem was – I ate them with distractions. Planning my Wedding Seating chart! It felt pretty mindless, and therefore, didn’t do a good job of holding me over, and I ate more than I really wanted to at dinner.


For dinner, I had 2 4 slices of cheese-less pizza, also in front of my computer.

This is a total example of why it’s so good to take a break when you eat, and sit at the table. Even if you’re not at the table, give some focus to your food.



Monday morning I had Beacon Coffee while working, and the bestttttttttt breakfast.


Breakfast was 2 blueberry pancakes with maple agave syrup and two eggs. My brother and sister-n-almost-law were visiting, so my Mom made us all breakfast. Honestly – hands down best pancakes I’ve ever had.


Surprisingly, they kept me full all the way until dinner! For dinner, we had taco salad. Veggies, salsa, and some ground beef. I had a little bit more than what is shown in the picture because I wanted to add more veggies to it. I also crumbled up a handful of chips on top.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 8.46.42 AM

And of course, please watch my Video if you haven’t already. You guys are leaving so many comments, & giving me so many thumbs up -I’m so grateful. Thank you!

Love, Paige

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