DIY Standing Desk in My Home Office & Daily Eats

egg cheese tomato sandiwch

Good-morning everyone… I hope you all slept great last night… I had some CRAZY dreams… Crazy, but good. I was a deep sleeper.

Yesterday morning started off with half an egg & cheese panini for breakfast. My cousin was still here, so there were three of us for breakfast. I ate most of this, and enjoyed coffee talk with my cousin :).

lentil soup and avo toast

Marco worked all day yesterday, so lunch was enjoyed on my own during my break. I had lentil soup (canned at Trader Joe’s) with a piece of avocado toast with olive oil and red chili pepper flakes sprinkled on top. Loved this lunch! Can’t wait to enjoy the other half today.

DIY Standing Desk

When I started work again, I knew I didn’t want to sit any longer (actually, as I write to you this morning, I’m standing again. It’s quite nice!). So, I rigged a standing desk using a side table and a small stool. It works pretty well!

I love having somewhere to stand and work while I’m on the phone or typing up a blog post. I use this stand when I’m on my laptop. I’ll post a picture of that soon!

snack before too hungry for dinner

By the time I got off work around 6:00pm I was hungry. I warmed up leftover broccoli from the night before while I let some water boil and sat down to eat. This took the edge off my hunger just enough  to enjoy putting dinner together (all leftovers from the night before, plus some extra steamed broccoli).

dinner bowl

Marco and I love these simple dinner bowls. So easy, and great for the nights that you want to feel just right and have room for a vegan chocolate chip cookie afterward (yeah!).

tj's vegan chocolate chip cookies

I had a SUPER specific craving for a chocolate chip cookie with whole milk before we started our Netflix show last night (nightly ritual = Netflix) while Marco enjoyed his childhood adulthood favorite – Oreo’s & whole milk.

So, on another topic, before I leave today, I’m curious: what is the next series that you’d like to see on Healthy Hits the Spot? So far we’ve done: “WHY Intuitive Eating?” and “The Month Before Summer.


P.S. tomorrow I’ll be back with that post on alcohol. Can’t wait! You can sign-up to get the post in your inbox so you don’t miss it.

Love, Paige

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