Do you have certain pictures that give you happy feelings inside?

Do certain pictures give you happy feelings inside? I have a little album on my computer, full of pictures that just give me good feelings. I think some of you may relate!

1.jpg 2.jpg

All of these pictures, have great memories behind them. I am such a visual person! I see things, and they either bring me good feelings, or not-so good feelings

This first picture, I remember taking on my way to school, right when Healthy Hits the Spot first started. I was so excited about my new passion, and I remember this day just feeling so filled!

The next picture, is a memory from a time where I visited my best friend. We were grabbing breakfast before I left to go back home. Starbucks Spinach and Feta Wrap, yum! This is one of out favorite “quick-fixes!”

3.jpg 13.jpg

This picture of me with my Coffee, was from when my best friend stayed with me through an entire weekend (we rarely get to do this). We did so much that weekend. We went on walks, baked, cooked, got coffee, went shopping, just sat & talked… everything that we love to do, we did! I even drove her around Ventura, telling her about all the memories I have in my hometown. It was such a great three days!

The picture of Chloe and I, brings me such smiles! This little girl is literally one of the brightest shining lights of my life. I love her so much! This was a day that I was babysitting her after Church. We went with my Mom to lunch out on the boardwalk, and had the best time! Can you see her drawing? She is quite the artist!

4.jpg 14.jpg

This picture of me standing in the hallway, was a Happy Sunday that I got to share with my friends. It was a morning right before I left to Church. I went to a new Church in Ventura this morning (Missionary) and really enjoyed it! Plus, I went with friends that I hadn’t gone with before. After Church, we all went out for Pizza, and then went shopping in Santa Monica! I love this Memory.

The picture with my apples and peanut butter was a night where I was hanging out inside with my Mom. We were having an All My Children (sooo sad that it is over!!) and drinking wine. Hanging out with my Mom always brings me good memories. I appreciate all the time that we spend together, and I am excited to look back on it all one day when I have a daughter (not for quite a while!!)

5.jpg 6.jpg

Both of these pictures are of the Best Friends Vacation that Kayla and I took about a year ago (wow, time flies!!)

We had the best time. I honestly think that may just be one of my favorite memories with her. We decided we wanted to get away, and have a girls weekend, so we randomly got a hotel room in a spot where we felt there was lots to do, we went to dinner, gymed it, shopped, walked around, got dessert, talked, ate chocolate, drank wine, got all dressed up… everything that you can imagine during “girl-time,” we did! It was seriously the best… I can’t wait until our next one! Yearly goal?


This next picture was the day I re-started my blog, after taking quite a few months of a break. I was soo excited this day! This was right after Church, with Chloe. My friend Marco and I went to breakfast, and she came with! I remember the feeling of taking pictures of my food that morning. The fun was all re-starting!

8.jpg 9.jpg

The picture of my cousin and I, was the day we both got baptized! That speaks for itself! This was an AMAZING memory! This whole day felt like a Birthday to me! My parents, friends, family, everyone was calling me, texting me, congratulating me… I must have gone to eat 3 times that day, hungout with my friends, had a jacuzzi night… just so much good happened that day!

This picture of me and Lula (her name is Angela, but I call her “my Lula,” was taken of us on her Birthday last summer. We had soo much fun this day! A big group of us girls got together for breakfast, then went over to our friend Kelsey’s house, drank Mimosas, and then went to Santa Barbara for the day to go shopping. Boy did those Mimosa’s make my wallet seem bigger than it was! Whoops! That night, Lula had a huge Birthday Party, where tons of our friends came to her house and celebrated. We had such a good time!


This picture is of me & my Daddy-o on his Birthday in 2011. I loved this night! We went out and met my brother & sister (his wife) for Indian Food. I got to try new things (Mango lassi is a must try!!), spend time with my family, celebrate my Dad, and just feel tons of good vibes. What could be better?


This is a picture of me & my cousin Haley. One of my very best friends. We have been joined at the hip since we were little girls (princess angel’s as Haley like to say; I loved to copy her). This day, we were at my cousin Jamie’s Babyshower (baby Bella has now been here since Thanksgiving, and she is absolutely amazing!!) and as you can see from the picture, we had a great time!


And this picture. The face of my blog, twitter, facebook… the list goes on! This picture brings me some of the best feelings. I remember the joy that I felt this day, and when I see this pictures, all that joy feels like it is still here (well, I am still joyous!!). This was taken right after an amazing morning at Church. My Mom had just boughten me this shirt the day before, and it was my first time to wear it. It felt so bold, so bright, so fun! This picture just brings me happiness, because I know how great that day was.

Do you have pictures that bring you happiness? Some of them can be the most simple memories, but they all seem to bring on the good-feelings! 🙂

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