Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Good morning all!

In yesterdays post, I said that I would write about my Saturday morning breakfast in todays post. So, here you go!

photo 1

Saturday morning my Aunt Rhonda’s best friend, Judy (she’s like family to me) invited me and her granddaughter over for breakfast.

She knew we both loved Nutrition and thought we would love to sit down, share recipes together, and spill what we know. We did, and it was so fun!

When I arrived to the table, I found it decorated so cute as you can see, and a Whole Food’s gift card for $25 sitting on our plates. Just because.

photo 2

We then had a homemade breakfast that Judy spent time cooking. Eggs & veggies, potatoes & bacon, and toasted lavash. It was delicious!

photo 3

She also juiced us fresh blood oranges

photo 4

And made us tea…

photo 5

And served us strawberries & honey for dessert!

It was such a sweet time. We got to sit around the table and chat about life, Nutrition, and whatever else we wanted for two hours, and just have some girl time.

This was all “just because,” Judy thought we would enjoy it. How sweet and thoughtful is that?

This encouraged me to write a full post about it, to hopefully inspire each of you (and myself) to do really nice, thoughtful things for other people just because.

What will your “just because” thing be? Today? Tomorrow? I’m sure we could all do something really special, just like Judy, and small things throughout our day.

Here are some ideas:

  • Open the door for someone
  • Pay for someone else’s Coffee
  • Let someone go in front of you in line
  • Pick something up that someone dropped
  • Smile at people as you walk around
  • Say HI to people, and don’t be shy
  • Use please and thank you to show people you respect them
  • Spend time with someone you love
  • Send a gift to someone who lives far away
  • Take a friend to breakfast
  • Surprise someone you love
  • Make someone a CD (who uses CD’s?)
  • Write someone a card in the mail
  • Do just what Judy did, and have someone over for breakfast and treat them extra special
  • Bring someone you love flowers

If you have other ideas to, add, comment below! I want to hear 🙂 And hopefully get some more ideas myself 🙂

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