Do you and your scale have a bad relationship? Maybe it’s time to break up.

Okay, so last night, Kayla and I were talking about the scale, and how much of a bummer it can be. Girls, we understand!

It controls the way many of us girls think of ourselves, on a daily basis.

We step on in the morning (clothes, underwear, hair ties, jewelry off), and if we’ve gained a couple ounces, we automatically think we messed up the day before, and we wonder “what am I going to do today to fix this?”

Often times, we get mixed messages… what if we did great the day before? We exercised, we ate right… Then why on earth do we weigh more the next day? We feel like we have failed.

Well, here’s why that number is never the same.

We are not bricks.

Yep, it’s that simple.

(First of all, you’re welcome for this amazing picture) 😉

When you get on the scale and you gained a pound overnight, maybe even three… do… not… freak… out!

There was a time where I did a little experiment. I weighed myself everyday for 21 days, to prove to myself, that weight fluctuates day to day. Keep in mind, during this time I ate the same healthy diet, everyday. This was when I wasn’t eating Grains, Sugar, or Cheese… so trust me, it was healthy!

I started out weighing 134

In between, I weighed 133… 134… 135… 136… 137…

And at the end… guess what I weighed?


Now, think about it… if I only weighed myself, lets say, once every 3 weeks (for all you math wizards, that = 21 days)… I would have looked at the scale twice, and both times would have weighed exactly the same.

Now, this is not a guarantee that you’re going to weigh the same both of those times, and that may have been just by chance, as each day really is different.

The point is, you don’t actually gain a pound overnight.. You don’t actually gain three-five pounds when you’re PMSing.

To put it into perspective… here is one pound of fat.

Now tell me now… do you think you gained three pounds overnight, just because the scale said so?

No, I don’t think so either!

Now, back to the brick analogy. You are not a brick; you are a human being.

If you were to weigh a brick, everyday for a year, it is going to weigh the same amount every single day.

You, on the other hand, could weigh the same amount on the first of the year, and the last of the year, but I can almost guarantee you that you’re not going to weigh the exact same all of those 365 days (unless you’re superwoman).

You are a human being. Give yourself a break, please. You consume different amounts of liquids each day.. you do different levels of movement each day.. you eat different foods each day.. your body bloats some days.. other days it’s dehydrated.. your digestive system works great some days.. some days it doesn’t work at all.. I think we all get the picture.

We have to stop obsessing over daily weight. I for one, put the scale away weeks ago for this reason. I do not weigh myself everyday. I weigh myself when I feel like it. And yes, if you want to only weigh yourself when you feel “your lightest,” then go for it! It’s your body, and your mind. You know what’s going to make you feel good, and what isn’t.

If weighing yourself everyday, stresses you out, then I strongly recommend putting your scale away. Start with 30 days. You owe it to yourself to feel good. This is your one body, your one life, your one chance to do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do.

Take a few steps back, and look at your life from far away. Is weighing yourself everyday really that important? And how much more would you be doing if you didn’t weigh yourself daily? Yes, I know from experience that if the scale isn’t what you want it to say, you’re less likely to go out and do the things you love, your less likely to have the confidence that you deserve, and you’re less likely to love yourself and others, to your fullest ability, because you’re stuck feeling pretty crappy about yourself.

So, if you are struggling with the scale, are you going to put it away for 30 days? Do it for YOU. You should be able to wake up each day, feeling good about being you, because no matter what, you’re always going to be YOU. Enjoy yourself, and treat yourself with kind love ♡

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