Do You Like Being YOU?

Are you enjoying the experience of living life as YOU? Do you wake up every morning and feel grateful that you were born into THIS life, this body, and this frame of mind? If yes, amazing! If not, then there is some really wonderful room for improvement for you to grow into a place where YES, you LIKE being yourself.

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It really really REALLY is possible to enjoy the experience of being you. One way to step into that reality is to practice self gratitude.

When you find yourself caught in the comparison trap, think about what you DO like about you. What do you like about your life right now? Your fashion style? Your family? Your friends? Your career? Your personality? Your talents? And most importantly, what do you like about yourself and how you act?

Are you thankful you have learned to mostly silence the inner mean girl and offer grace vs harsh judgment for imperfection in your life?

Are you thankful you are a (mostly) patient and present mama?

Are you thankful you mean what you say and your students, kids, friends, spouse or parents know your word is good, that you’ll follow through on promises with integrity?

Are you thankful for the changed mindsets you have about money, food or your body?

The goal doesn’t have to be loving life as you 100% of the time but aiming for 80% is a fantastic and a doable goal! Taking time to step back and observe your own life, habits and mindsets can powerfully make you realize there are actually some pretty great parts, just waiting to be acknowledged, appreciated and ENJOYED.

Social media can be a beautiful place to connect, learn and launch, but it can also be a place where comparison is triggered and then thrives. But again, using the tool of appreciation can help you step back into contentment and away from comparison.

Her life looks perfect in those Instagram squares, but is it really? Do you know of hard things she has confided in you about? When we look at our own lives and compare it to our IG squares, chances are we are leavings parts out too (which is fine and healthy to do, to not share everything online).

Her house looks perfect in reels, but is it really? Have you been there in person, seen the “lived in” look? Have you ever cleaned one part of your home to snap a photo? Maybe she did that, too!

Her meals look gourmet on Pinterest, but are they all? Have you actually attended every meal at her house, to see a homemade Pinterest like meal present for all meals and snacks?

Every life has hard parts. To have “her” life would simply mean to have a different set of struggles. And even if real life moments aren’t being shown online, they are definitely being lived out off line.

Social media offers us far off view of other’s lives, as if we are flying in a helicopter over a gorgeous and scenic mountain top. But once you get closer, you see the not so lovely parts, like the mud puddles, the snakes etc. In the same way, the closer you know someone, the more you realize their life isn’t perfect or better than yours but simply different.

Please be encouraged! You CAN grow in this skill of being grateful for being you. You can get to a place where you don’t want another life but are happy with your own. Remember, uniqueness is not a bad thing. Next time you compare yourself to another’s life, tell yourself “My life has good parts too, even if they are different than her good parts.”

Give yourself permission to enjoy life as you!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why we are attracted to the people we admire
  • The part self trust and integrity plays in enjoying your life
  • How to find joy while also anticipating change

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