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Good evening everyone! Today has been busy busy busy with babysitting! My first job was from 9:15-12:15 and my second was from 1:30-8:00. Now I am off, posting, and then going to hangout with my Marco! We have the Jacuzzi planned for tonight! Best way to end the day 🙂

In my lunch pail today I took a can of green beans (yes, I ate them right out of the can!), a Peanut Butter Larabar, and apples + almond butter. I ate it all during my second babysitting job, plus the almonds that were pictured earlier


This is kinda backwards, but for lunch I had this Salmon, Spinach, and Avo salad. This was before my second job. So the food above was consumed after 😉


Looks good huh?! It was! But, I think I would have liked it even more if the salmon was cooked. That sounds divine!

To dress the salad I used olive oil + balsamic vinaigrette (the real stuff!) plus a little bit of Sea-Salt


I just got home and was feeling like something warm, but not heavy. Miso Soup sounded perfect!


Now, just so you know, there is “dextrose,” aka sugar in this soup. On this cleanse, I do still eat some foods with sugar as long as they are not super sweet foods like desserts, candy, certain jams/jellies, store bought juices, artificially sweetened things… etc… See? I don’t go way overboard and stress out.. Please, don’t freak out! You’re doing wonderful just by having the willpower to cut out those three major things in your diet for 6 weeks! Give yourself a round of applause 🙂

Speaking of willpower, today my Mom goes “It was so much easier to do this cleanse when it was just you and I in the house and we only bought what we could eat.”

I got to thinking, and that’s probably very true, so I feel for those of you that are having to use a little extra willpower. Keep your end goal in site, and think of how great you’re going to feel after these six weeks! I keep thinking of my Birthday and how happy I am going to be when I wake up that morning feeling my absolute best! 🙂


My soup is delish! I’m going to finish this off and go spend some time with my love. No phone or anythang!

If you emailed me tonight, I will be getting to my emails in the morning. For now, sweet dreams!

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