Friday Coffee Talk

Morning girls! Feels like I’m sittin’ here sipping tea with you this morning. You guys aren’t going to believe it… But guess where I’m driving tomorrow? Ha! Back to Ventura. It’s for one of my best friends weddings, and I’ll be back Sunday. I get to see some special friends while I’m there, so it’s all good. I even get to grab coffee with the counselor who helped me when I was struggling with food so long ago. I wrote about her in my story. I can’t wait to squeeze & thank her. I’m in awe of how much driving my maid of honor did for me during my wedding… She drove 12 hours to Ventura each time she came down. Best. Cousin. Ever. Right? You guys remember my Wedding Tidbits series? So fun!

My Health Coaching Openings - 1 of 3

Anyway, so this is my view currently as we’re hanging out. It feels so wrong but so good to be drinking tea out of a Jesus & coffee mug… Haha! When will this coffee craving return? So weird that I haven’t wanted it! Did you hear in yesterday’s post? I’ve gone crazy.

My Health Coaching Openings - 2 of 3

Yesterday morning when I wrote to you all I shared my breakfast, and that AMAZING pumpkin cream cheese on my english muffin. Mmm! Yesterdays lunch was leftover chicken villa from Yolanda’s in Ventura. I love leftovers almost more than the actual meal. Anyone else?

Dinner doesn’t have a photo, but I went to my friend Caitlin’s house for dinner and we had lamb, potatoes, and carrots. Mmm mmm good! So nice to have someone cook you dinner… Ah, blessing!

My Health Coaching Openings - 3 of 3

Yesterday was also VERY filled with getting new binders set up and sent out, bringing in new clients, and doing office work, all amidst meeting with my already wonderful clients. I couldn’t help but think as I was working yesterday just how much I love my one on one sessions. Just the other day I opened up spaces for brand new clients and spaces for past and current clients who want to renew their six-month Total Transformation Program. As of today I have 4 of the new spaces left, and just 2 of the renewal spaces left. If you’re interested in working with me one on one, I’d love to schedule a free consultation with you. I’ll leave my calendar link up for the weekend (I don’t normally share it on the blog). If you’d like to schedule, jump on my calendar for a free consult HERE.

You guys, I’m kind of jumping around here… It’s okay though. We’re just sitting, chatting, and having tea/coffee (whatever you have in your mug) together to kick off this Friday right!

So, to jump one more place… I want to hear from you this weekend while I’m away in Ventura, so that Monday I can come back and start working on more reader requested posts. I still have a handful coming your way, but wanted to give you the opportunity again to request new posts. If you (any of you!) have a post to request, leave that request in the comment section this weekend, and I’ll add it to my list and start working on it. I love writing the posts that YOU guys request. They’re always the best ones!

Promise: next week the “What to do when you come home from work and want to eat everything” post will be live. So many of you sound excited for that one. Yay!

Alrighty, well, come hangout with me on Instagram and say hello! @healthyhitsthespot

See you back here early next week?

Love you girls!


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