Easy Thinking

I stumbled across a concept I like to refer to as easy thinking when I was learning to floss consistently.

One night, when I went to floss I heard my thoughts about flossing as I grumbled about getting out of bed.

This feels hard. I don’t want to floss. Do I really care about flossing?

A lightbulb went off in that moment: “What if I thought about this as easy?”

An immediate shift took place:

Flossing is easy. This will only take 20 seconds or so. Flossing is the easiest thing I could do.

I’ve been flossing everyday, ever since. And it is very easy.

What this did for me was much greater than just flossing. Instead, this concept has helped to propel me forward in many areas I’ve wanted to improve, since.

  • marriage
  • exercise
  • cooking at home
  • not drinking
  • going to Church
  • waking up early
  • making tough decisions
  • slowing down
  • etc.

I mean truly, the benefits have been endless. Pretty much anytime something I value is feeling hard, I consider the question “Could this be easy?”

Every time, I seem to find a new perspective better than the one I’d previously believed, and I find a path forward.

It’s not that I think each thing inherently IS easy, it’s that when I reflect on the idea that it could be easier I am able to see how I tend to make things more difficult in my mind. After all, our mind can be one of our greatest distractors.

In this last year I’ve experienced the habit of consistency more than ever, thanks to this little but profound tool.

I recorded an updated podcast episode (#97) on Easy Thinking and what it’s done for me over the last year.

Listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify! 🎧

Leave a commend and share one area with me you would like to grow in, where easy thinking might be useful.

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