Easy way to make Indian food from Trader Joes!

Good evening everyone 🙂 I hope you have all had a good day! Today has been really good. Even though I am pretty tired from three babysitting jobs from 9:30-6:30, my heart is full!

First of all, I must start by showing you what Harper and I built. It was identical to the box! Go us! 😉

After watching little Harper, I went over to Chloes house to watch her for the afternoon. I was super hungry, so I made this Oatmeal. A few seconds after I made it, Chloe asked “Can IIIIIII have some Oatmeal toooo Paige? *makes cute face*” Oh gosh… of course!

Hehe, look at that face! I split my oatmeal with her 🙂 It was sooo good because I put a few white chocolate chips on top, and when they mixed in… you can only imagine.. when it melted, it was amazing!

When I was done with Chloe, I ran home, grabbed a plum, and went over to Griff’s house. I cleaned, organized his backpack, got him ready to go, and all that good stuff. Then I took him to his Dads house. I love that little boy. We have been having so much fun lately- like I said before, he is just full of enthusiasm, and I see so much good in him.

After that, I went to Barnes & Nobles to buy a book for my friend. This book blessed me big time, and I want to share it with others (especially others who are in the same boat as me relating to school!) It’s called “If you have to cry, go outside.” My friend shared it with me, and now I want to share it. It’s crazy inspiring once you get into it. It just makes you want to go out an conquer the world YOUR way!

Then, I went to Trader Joes! Next comes dinner…

While making dinner, it took about 45 minutes, I snacked on a small green apple. I was pretty hungry, and I didn’t want to be TOO hungry when I ate. Having a little something already in my stomach helps me to feel satisfied sooner, rather than being starving right when I sit down, and then wanting more after.

I made dinner for myself and my Daddio. We had indian food! So yummy! Don’t think I made this from scrath… oh no no! Even though I would like to learn..

In the oven, I cooked Garlic Naan Bread and…

Palak Paneer, which is spinach and paneer cheese seasoned with a bit of curry and chili- just like it says on the box. It’s delicious, and my dad and I split it! (My portion is shown in the picture).

I bought a few different precooked things tonight, because I want to try some new stuff, and then later learn how to make these things from scratch. For now, I just want to try as many different flavors as I can 🙂

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