Eat What You Want?

Good morning everyone!



Breakfast: power oat meal + blueberries & sprinkled pecan praline granola

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Morning snack: apple + peanut butter + a little bowl of peanut butter puffins with almond milk – this just sounded too good!


Late afternoon lunch: 2 slices of brown rice bread, half an avo mushed on top (sprinkled with sea-salt and red pepper flakes) + tofu scramble with basil & red pepper flakes


Petite treat: dairy-free gluten-free still-full-of-sugar coconut macaroon from the Farmers Market 😉


Health Coaching in the afternoon


Tea for my sweet friend during our Session


I love my Clients ♡

photo 1

After Health Coaching, I went to Titus 2, a womens group at my Church. Aubs picked me up, and we got Coffee Bean on the way. Mmmm! I got my old favorite – decaf (because it was night) vanilla latte with soy milk and half the powder

photo 2

Me & Aubs 🙂



Breakfast: power oatmeal with sprinkle pecan praline granola + raspberries

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Petite treat: dairy-free gluten-free still-full-of-sugar coconut macaroon + 3 organic strawberries

I had the strawberries to “change the flavor in my mouth.” I always tell my clients, instead of going back for more cookies, more cereal, more pizza, more of whatever… Instead, change the flavor in your mouth. Your tastebuds will likely forget about what you were eating before – it’s a wonderful trick!

photo 1

Lunch: eggs n’ toast from my mama’s house

Eggs n’ toast story –

Yesterday morning, I had two hours off, so I decided to make a HUGE batch of quinoa salad.

It was a FIASCO!!

To save time, I thought to self “oh, don’t dice all the veggies, just put them in the food processor and chop them…”


My veggies turned to soup! Or more like that yucky pulp that comes out of your juicer!

Still, I thought… I don’t want to waste it, I’ll just add it to the Quinoa that I just made…

Taste-test… awful… So, I started adding tons of things to it trying to save it… it was never saved 🙁

So, I was add it again. Starting from scratch, this time, using a knife to hand-chop all ingredients. This time it worked, but when I look at the Quinoa salad, I was feelin’ it, at all. I put it away to have the next day (today) and headed over to the Moms house. I needed a good, Mom lovin’ meal- It was perfect 🙂

photo 2

After lunch, I worked for 8.5hours

photo 3

We went to the Clubhouse Funzone in Ventura. Such a fun place for kids!

photo 4

In between jobs (yes, I watch multiple families per-day) I had an apple + some dried mangos

photo 5 photo 1

Dinner: broccoli & hummus + corn and black bean enchilada

photo 2 photo 3

Petite treat: little brownie bite

So… here’s the story on this… so many food stories in my life, right?

I got to this families house and immediately started prepping the girls food for dinner. They were having fajita-chicken/veggies, beans, sour cream, and cheese burritos… Immediately, I had the craving for a bean burrito… I ignored my craving, and ate the dinner I brought. After I ate dinner, still not satisfied, I tried to cure my burrito craving with a brownie (what?). It didn’t work.

photo 4

Needless to say, an hour n’ a half after dinner, I made myself a little bean burrito anyways.

After the burrito, full satisfied 🙂

LISTEN TO YOUR CRAVINGS! <—- Constant reminder to self

Remember the quote I posted on my FB Page a while back?

“People don’t gain weight by eating what they want. They gain weight by eating what they don’t want, followed by eating what they want.” -Geneen Roth

Who can relate to this quote?


Love, Paige

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