Eat your veggies!

Good evening tumblies! Hope you all had a great day! I had a really good one today 🙂

This may be counted as my lunch- the LARABAR and banana just got bumped down tosnack 😉

After babysitting, I snuck off to the gym before my next job (nannying). After the gym, I came home with 30 minutes left before I had to take off, so I cooked up these veggies

It’s super, super simple! I chopped up the cauliflower, sliced some onions, and grabbed a couple handfuls of kale. I put them all in a pan with a tiny bit of water and let that cook on medium/high for a few minutes (covered). It made all the veggies a bit more soft, which is perfect for this kind of meal. Next, I threw in some sesame oil, and let the veggies brown a bit.

As I was cooking, I sipped on some of my Kombucha. I’ve had this one for a few days. I think that’s a record for me. I’ve never had a Kombucha last me more than a few hours

Here is the final product! I put all the sauteéd veggies on a bed of arugula, which I tossed in olive oil and balsamic. It was the perfect, filling, healthy meal for after thegym! This held me over for about 5 hours. That’s pretty darn good for me!


One trick I have for eating more veggies is trying to make it a habit to always open the veggie drawer before looking at anything else when I’m going to cook a meal. I try to include veggies into as many things as I can 🙂


For dinner, I made Kurt and myself rice, cumin flavored soybeans, and chicken. It was super yummy! He always compliments my cooking, and it always makes me feel so good. I am so happy to cook for anyone who appreciates it 🙂

To flavor a little bit further, we threw on some soy sauce & sriracha hot sauce. I think this meal turned out to be half indian, and half japanese (wait, did I get that right? Haha)

This is literally the most simple meal ever. You can find everything for this at Trader Joes. I should have taken pictures before I threw away the packaging.. I’ll just tell you instead 🙂

-Rice medley in the frozen section at TJ’s

-Grilled Chicken in the frozen section at TJ’s (pre-cooked)

-Cumin flavored soybean in the isle where all the spices are in TJ’s

All of this can be microwaved, but I try my best to avoid the microwave. I like things to be quick, but I also like them to taste good, and sometimes the microwave kills the taste (and the nutrition!) I made all of this on the stove and it was still so fast. I say use the stove whenever you can 🙂

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