Eating Intuitively in an Office Full of Donuts

Learn How to Eat Intuitively in an Office Full of Donuts

Do you work in an office space where your co-workers show their love by bringing in boxes of donuts or bags of candy?

How does that make you feel? (This is a serious, non-meant-to-be-therapeutic question, ha!).

If you’re anything like the rest of my clients this leaves you (or at one point in your journey, left you) feeling less-grateful and more-overwhelmed. Perhaps you feel out of control around these foods or you always finding yourself eating them whether you want them or not.

Is this you?

If YES then I hear your frustration. I know that you want to be able to be un-bothered by this. You want people to bring donuts into the office and to not have it phase you. You want to be able to say “thank you” but to not eat them if you don’t want them, and to be able to eat them if you do!

I get it. There is a way.

It’s through intuitive and mindful eating. It’s through knowing you can have that donut anytime you actually want it (for real) and then from that place, checking-in with yourself to see if you DO indeed want it.

Questions I like to ask myself:

Did I want a donut before I saw one?

Exp: A “see-food” craving is literally… you see a food and so you think you want it. But do you actually? Check-in with yourself.

Do I want a donut?

Exp: You get to decide! Yes or no are equally okay. The choice is fully yours!

Do I know I can have one anytime I really want it?

Exp: Take the urgency to “have it now before you can’t ever have it again!” away by reminding yourself you can have it anytime you actually want it.

If I do want to have one, how much of a donut would allow me to still feel good?

Exp: Let’s say you think to yourself “I could probably eat half and feel okay (not have a headache, still have energy, etc…).”

How can I set myself up for success, to be happy with eating that amount?

Exp: Then you want to do your part to set yourself up to make that as simple to do as possible. For example: cut your donut in half, put it on a plate, grab a cup of coffee, and fully savor each bite so that when you’re done, you feel satisfied instead of frantically wanting more.

I hope this posts helps you! Remember, overall… abundance! Take away your scarcity mindset and do your very best to get to a calm mental state before you eat. If you have tried this and just need support — I get it! Reach out to me here.

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