Eating Intuitively While You’re Quarantined at Home

Eating Intuitively While You're Quarantined at Home

Is it possible to eat intuitively when you’re cooped up at home all day?

Is it possible to eat intuitively when the grocery store shelves are limited?




Your body still wants to guide you. 

To communicate with you. 

To support you. 

She’ll work with you, if you let her. If you listen to her. 

In this season we’re being called to listen, aren’t we? To listen to what God wants to teach us. To listen to how we’re feeling. To listen to how others are feeling. To listen to what our bodies want to communicate with us. 

But are we listening? 

WILL we listen?

Those are the big questions.

Things your body might be trying to communicate with you right now:

  • She’s feeling something – emotion, exhaustion, joy, anxiety, antsy-ness, restlessness. Listen. 
  • She needs something – rest, a hug, connection, sleep, growth, food, something to engage in, support, help. Listen. 
  • She’s uncertain. Reassure her. 
  • She’s tired. Let her rest. 
  • She’s hungry. Let her eat. 
  • She’s bored. Slow down, ask her “What would help?” 
  • She’s feeling anxious. Give her boundaries. Ask her what she needs. 

If you’re hungry…

Open up the fridge and the cupboards and look at what you have. From there, notice what sounds best. What would taste good? What looks appealing? What are you in the mood for. Choose what you can, from what you have.

If you want a snack…

A simple trick that takes no longer than 20 seconds is to take your snack from the bag/container/cutting board to an actual plate. Look at what you have, choose, prepare your snack and put it on a plate. Change your environment, sit/go to a place where you feel calm. (Perhaps not hovering the kitchen sink while your kids tug at your pant legs crying.)

If you’re bored/stressed/anxious…

…and notice yourself going back to the kitchen repeatedly thinking the last snack didn’t do it, pause. Take a step back. Let go of the judgement – you have a need. What is it?

Pay attention and acknowledge how you’re feeling…

It’s okay to feel this way. Ask yourself “How can I help? What do you need?”

You might need to… 

  • Ask for help
  • Change your clothes
  • Take a hot shower
  • Moisturize your face (this is something that feels extra soothing to me right now!)
  • Lay down in bed
  • Turn on some music
  • Light a candle
  • Put on a movie for the kids
  • Step outside
  • Move your body (doesn’t have to be fancy, sit down and start stretching)
  • Brain dump all that you’re thinking onto paper
  • Make a list
  • Have another cup of coffee (or tea – whatever soothes and boosts you)

These can be hard times with hard emotions. We’re in a season – we’re not in “forever” (more on this here). Have some grace for yourself. Let some stuff go.

Things you have permission to let go of right now:

  • Needing something to fill every moment of time today
  • Maintaining the house exactly as you usually do (it might be occupied by more people for more hours right now – even if “more people” is just you)
  • Using as much toilet paper as you usually do 😉 
  • Eating like you usually do

Today doesn’t have to be the same as yesterday, and tomorrow doesn’t have to be the same as today.

Take it one day at a time, and show yourself Grace. If you pray, now is a great time to pray and ask God how He wants you to use this time. What does He want to teach you? What does He have to say to you?

I hope this post encourages you. Leave a comment. Let me know how you’re doing. If you have a question, ask.

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