Eats Through the Weekend!

I’m back today with eats from the weekend, per request of Jessica, who asked me to share what a weekend of eats looks like. You can always request a blog post (in fact, the other two I’ll do this week were also requested) – just leave a comment below!

Before I dive in, I want to remind us that these posts are not for comparison, to tell you what to eat or when you should eat it. Rather, they are here to inspire you, give you food ideas, and to encourage you to give yourself permission to listen to your body as I listen to mine.

If these posts are triggering for you in any way, you have permission to exist outa here right now. Perhaps you’d enjoy this post I wrote more: How to Find Out if You’re Ready to Stop Dieting & How to Start.


Friday morning started off with blogging to all of you and sharing four days of eats. When it came time for breakfast I made Marco and I breakfast burritos full of eggs, cheese, salsa verde, a slice of bacon, and avocado. Yum!

Around noon I was hungry again and made myself a turkey sandwich with mayo, mustard, pickles, turkey, cheddar cheese, and butter lettuce on multigrain sprouted bread from Trader Joe’s. Any other sandwich girls around here (*hand raised*)?!

When Marco got off work I met him at the gym for a workout. When we got home I made us smoothies to sip on while we got ready for our friends surprise birthday party (so many birthdays this weekend!). Did anyone reading this have a birthday?

In our smoothies: frozen bananas and blueberries, peanut butter, chia seeds, raw cacao powder, and whole milk. So good!

Later that evening we went to our friend Maddy’s surprise birthday party. Her boyfriend did SUCH a good job putting it together (she felt so special). I snapped a picture of all of the food together for you guys.

On my plate: potatoes, brussels sprouts, chicken, steak, and salad with blue cheese (someone was after my heart). On the side, baked beans! Before dinner, I had a few chips with guac and a few bites of Chex Mix.

For dessert I had a coconut cookie which Maddy’s mom made. They are MY FAVORITE. Sooo delicious.

Updated 9/2/17: here’s the recipe that Maddy’s mom used!

We ended the night with a fire in the backyard. So nice!


Saturday morning I woke up and snacked on a GoMacro bar with my coffee while I got ready to meet Lori and Michelle (Purely Twins) for coffee with Asia.

We went to The Steaming Bean in Pismo. It was so much fun! One of my favorite things about owning a business is connecting with other women in business. Women INSPIRE me! I love when we can all support each other! These girls are NICE as can be!

When I got home, my tummy was grumbling hungry. I made a small breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, avocado, and salsa verde. One didn’t do it for me, so I made another. Two filled me up just right and carried me all the way to the evening.

Around 4:00 I made Marco and I smoothies as we got ready for a friends BBQ for fight night. We went to THREE BBQ’s this weekend. Oh summer, don’t end! This smoothie is the same mix that I made yesterday.

Saturday night we camped outside our friends house. Perks of having a Four Wheel Camper on your truck and friends with big driveways. Ha! We love doing this whenever we can, especially if we’ll both be drinking. It’s safe AND easy. Plus, it’s FUN!

To drink: half and half regular lemonade and strawberry lemonade (yummmmmm) and 2 oz of gin. This is great with vodka, too! I had two of these. I’d made a third but dumped it and stuck to water instead.

Our friends went to TOWN on the BBQing. Thank you Jess and Tommy! This was so good. On my plate: garlic bread, baked beans, ribs, potato salad, green salad, and a couple of apps thrown in there to taste.

I stayed up until 11:30 to hangout and watch the fights with everyone and then checked in  (I had to wake up early for Church and Asia’s birthday brunch). Before climbing into the camper I had a few more chips with dip. M stayed up a while longer with everyone!


Sunday morning we woke up around 7:00, packed up the camper, and hit the road by 7:15. When we got home I made us breakfast (two eggs and sourdough toast) and hopped in the shower to get ready for Church.

We met Asia at Church, listened to an awesome sermon on self-control (they focused mainly on our words – it was great), and split up after the service. Marco took our car home and I hopped in the car with Asia to drive to her birthday brunch in Pismo!

We went to The Cliff’s hotel, which has an AWESOME Sunday brunch buffet. It’s all you can eat, all you can drink. One of my friends mentioned that I should do a blog post on how to leave an all you can eat/drink buffet feeling good.

Would you all like a post on that? I know that many of us deal with wanting to get our monies worth, but then also not wanting to leave feeling STUFFED (me too!). Let me know!

On my first plate: quinoa, kale, and mango salads, shrimp ceviche, sausage, potatoes, the insides of a carne asada taco (corn tortillas didn’t sound good to me), and I don’t know what to call it… but some sort of chip with ahi and seaweed with a YUMMY sauce on top.

To drink: mimosa’s!

Second plate: more ceviche, salad, and ahi on a chip (haha, WHAT is this called? Anyone know?). The ahi was my FAVORITE.

Brunch was so fun! Happy birthday Asia girl! SO PROUD to be your friend and so happy to celebrate you!

Here’s our group! I love my SLO girls so, so much. No joke you guys… every single one of these girls is nice, genuine, smart, and SUPPORTIVE. I’ve never had such a great group of strong, loving girl friends. So thankful for them! And thankful to Asia who is the ultimate connector!

After brunch I headed home to grab Marco and go to another BBQ. Thankfully, there were about four hours or so between meals and I was able to get some appetite back! Haha.

On my plate: a small spoonful of potato salad and baked beans, lots of salad, and chicken (and a couple bites of soft pretzel with cheese dip). So good!

We hung around the BBQ for a while and talked with everyone. Marco played beer pong with the guys. We rolled around with the pups for a while, got extra hairy (not mad at it!) and I chatted with the girls for a while.

When we got home, we cleaned up and got ready for the week. Then we lounged on the couch with Netflix.

Around 8:00 or so, we got hungry so I made us simple toasty sandwiches. Marco: grilled cheese. Me: grilled cheese AND a couple slices of turkey with mayo and mustard. Yum!

That’s it you guys! That’s my weekend of eats!

So share with me! Would you like to see a post on how to walk away from an all you can eat/drink buffet feeling good? How to have a mindful mindset EVEN WHEN you want to get all of your monies worth (I get it!)? Let me know in the comments! 

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