Eggs n’ toast for lunch

Good afternoon tumblies! Hope you guys are enjoying your days 🙂

Drink (regular Vanilla latte with soy and No Sugar Added powder)

So, today after I did some cleaning/laundry, I met up with my boyfriend, Kurt, and we went to Coffee Bean. He studied and did homework, and I worked on my Vision Board that you can see on my Pinterest (that’s just what I’ve got so far)


When we came home, I made some lunch because I was starvin! I saw a picture (which I also posted on Pinterest) of a piece of toast an egg just like this, and I decided to make it for myself!

I toasted a piece of Whole Wheat bread (fresh), drizzled some olive oil over the top, and put one egg right on top. It was delicious, and just what I was craving. I also had salad on the side (arugula, olive oil, balsamic, and s&p). Super simple, and super yummy!

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