Embracing Contentment in 2024

As I write to you on this December 27th, just days away from the New Year, I find myself in a contemplative mood. I was telling Marco, my husband, “New Year’s is my favorite holiday.” You might find it a bit unconventional, but my ideal NYE doesn’t involve a party. Does that sound boring? I do love being around people, but for me, the perfect New Year’s Eve is a cozy day spent in reflection.

It’s a time to ponder the highs and the challenges of the past year, and to look forward with hope to another blessed year. What I’m most excited about. How I plan to approach things differently. Gone are the days of starting each year with a laundry list of “shoulds.” This shift meant letting go of numerous numerical goals – not because they’re inherently bad, but because, for now, they just don’t resonate with me as much.

This year, if you’ve caught my latest episode, you’ll know I’ve chosen “CONTENTMENT” as my word for 2024 (listen to episode #117 Word of the Year 2024 on ​Spotify​ or ​Apple​).

Imagine us sitting together around this cozy, circular table, sipping coffee, our pens and journals ready, Bibles open, having heartfelt conversation about our aspirations for the new year. I would share with you that I’m embracing a season of goodness, rest, peace, and deep soul fulfillment. It’s been a year-long journey of praying for God to be my heart’s greatest desire and yearning to know Him and His character more intimately.

Back in 2022, I found myself deeply engaged in self-improvement, striving to become the woman I envisioned. However, I realized I was perhaps too caught up in visualizing a future that detracted from my present contentment. So, I decided to shift my focus. I set aside the self-help books and instead, opened my Bible, seeking God’s guidance above all else. The change has been profound.

  • God is now the cornerstone of my business and coaching.
  • Daily Bible reading grounds me (and remember, it’s okay if this isn’t part of your routine – God’s love is unwavering).
  • My mind feels clearer, more open.
  • There’s an abundance of light-heartedness and laughter in my life.
  • Loving and being patient with those close to me comes more naturally.
  • There’s a newfound freedom in seeking God’s vision for my inner world rather than trying to mold my outer world to my wishes.
  • I’m experiencing the fruits of His presence in my life.

This journey has solidified my word for the year: contentment.

In 1 Timothy 6:6-10, we find, “But godliness with contentment is great gain…” This year, I’m seeking God’s wisdom on what contentment and godliness truly mean – learning to trust Him more, to seek His will, and to align my heart with His desires.

I cherish each one of you. If you’re yearning for a space where God can mold you into the woman He intended you to be, a place free of barriers to becoming your true self, surrounded by a community of supportive women and nurturing conversations (whether live or through replays)… then I invite you to ​join us in Live Brightly​ in 2024. Will you?

With all my love,


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