Encouraging Resources I Am Loving Lately

Hi girls! This morning I’m sharing encouraging resources I’ve been loving lately. I know I enjoy great recommendations from friends, bloggers, and family for books to read, and fun activities to try, so I wanted to do the same with you. You guys asked for this post, so here it is!

Read Encouraging Resources Shared by Paige Schmidt That Will Leave You Feeling Positive and Uplifted.

I’ve listed quite an array of categories here. I find each one to be uplifting and positive. As I’ve mentioned before, there are so many things, especially on social media, that can bring down our self-confidence.

Closing the door on those negative channels in your life and focusing on things that leave you feeling uplifted is essential. Hope you enjoy!

Websites for Self-Care and Intuitive Eating:

  • Eat Work Play Balanced-this is my friend Abby’s site, and she has amazing resources for breaking free from bingeing and eating intuitively. Abby was my partner for Self-Love Summer this year, too!
  • Intuitive Eating-Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. These are my go to gals for all things Intuitive Eating.
  • Jamie Mendell-Jamie is pretty spot on when talking about self-care and surrounding yourself with positivity. I feel uplifted and ready to take care of myself after reading her posts. Plus, I got together with Jamie in NYC, and think she’s pretty great!
  • Geneen Roth-sign-up for Geneen’s newsletter and make sure to attend her free calls when she has then. She’s so inspiration, and recently, has been spot on when she talks about our authentic selves vs. our super-ego’s!

Blogs for Recipe Inspiration:

  • Hummusapien-I’ve only recently started following Alexis by word of Simi, by biz partner in Finally Free, and my intern. This blog is fun, filled with passion, and on Wednesdays, she shares her eats! Such a great resource for meal inspiration.
  • Pinch of Yum-I drool over every recipe Lindsay posts. I love her recipes. If I’m going to spend time making a full-out recipe, it’s probably from Pinch of Yum!
  • Caits Plate-I love when Cait posts her weekly eats. I usually find super simple inspiration for meals from these posts. She hasn’t blogged in a while, but I think you’ll enjoy catching up on the weekly eats page.

Books I’ve Read:

Books I’ve Skimmed:

These books will inspire you to grow, be gentle with yourself, and act NOW. Which is the best time to make a change… Because we’ll always find a way to justify later. 

Instagram Accounts

  • Katie Wilcox (@katiehwillcox)-focuses on self-love and having a healthy body image
  • Finally Free Program (@finallyfreeprogram)-inspirational quotes and tips for breaking away from dieting
  • Jennifer Kass (@jenniferkass)-uplifting quotes to brighten your day
  • Happsters (@happsters)-happy quotes and inspiration

Each of these accounts focus on uplifting and positive messages. No social media blues here! (You know what I’m talking about, after scrolling through certain Instagram accounts, they can truly diminish our self-confidence.)

Fun Activities

  • Getting out and meeting new people (I have been LOVING Meetups.com)
  • Listening to Pandora while I get dressed, cook, and even work (other than when I’m with my one on one clients)
  • Exploring a new place, even if is in your hometown
  • Doing a fun workout – think of what you’d do as a kid (for me that’s bike riding!)
  • Phone call with a friend or family (this has been especially great since moving away)

I had a friend share with me recently that when she was in a tough place and needed to pick herself up, she challenged herself to stop making excuses and secluding herself. She started saying YES and getting out more. Doing those things she had to push herself to do. Love this!

Happy on Netflix!

  • New Girl
  • Young & Hungry
  • Baby Daddy
  • Parenthood (more real than happy)

These are all shows I can turn on, laugh with, and get lost in. For the most part, I enjoy being out and doing things more than I like TV, but for the night I want to stay in, these are my go-to happy shows.

I recently watched and loved The Shift, a Wayne Dyer movie that’s still free on YouTube right now. His mood and perspective on life will definitely leave you feeling inspired.

My Quiet Time

And of course, I love my morning quiet time, which is the most encouraging of them all. I’d encourage you more than anything to make your own quiet time basket (video) to start your day with gratitude & a CALM mind.

Are these resources helpful for you? I would love to hear from all of you! What are your go-to resources for creating a positive and uplifting environment? It could be anything-your favorite show, activity, website, blog, etc.



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Love, Paige

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