Errands + Events/Plus, Health Coaching New Years List

Good morning everyone!

This weekend has been jam packed with errands and events. The perfect combination to make you feel like you haven’t had a minute to stop. Ha!


Both days were started with Eggs + Toast


Both days I had Harvest Grains + Chicken Curry for lunch

photo 1

Both days I ate out for dinner.

This night I had a Fahzini from Red Brick Pizza. This was so so so so so soooo good. I was so excited about it! It’s basically a salad with balsamic in a flatbread warmed together. Seriously. This will be a new craving.

photo 2

Saturday I got my hair done. More blonde! I love going to the Salon! Saturday was Marco and my date night, and after that I had a night out with my Cousins and girlfriend Angela. This was so much fun, but totally did me in. I was so tired Sunday and I had Church, Wedding Planning (picking a ton of Wedding stuff up), getting new tires, doing all of our Laundry, cleaning, and getting ready for my family Birthday dinner. All that said, it was still great to have some girl time Saturday night.

photo 3

Plus, I love this picture that Ang and I took. We haven’t had a chance to hang out in a while. Love you Ang!

Visit her fashion blog at!

photo 5

Sunday night we went to a nice restaurant to Celebrate my Birthday once again. This time, with my parents, Marco and brother + Sis. We had a great time, and the food was amazing! I got chicken, risotto, and steamed broccoli. This was sooo full of flavor!

Okay y’all, I hope you have a great day! This next month in a half is crazy, crazy busy.

I will only be able to take on THREE more Clients for the rest of 2013. These 3 Clients have already scheduled their free Initial Consultations. Please email me at to get on my New Years List! Start off 2014 right!

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