Even If You Want Your Body to Change, Start Loving Her Now

How to Start Loving Yourself More Fully Without Losing Weight First

Morning ladies… Today we’re going to talk about loving your body now, even if you still want to lose weight. Many woman who do want to see a change in their bodies have a hard time doing the things that will allow them to love themselves more fully now, because they feel like by doing so, they’re somehow letting go of the weight-loss (or whatever the change may be) that’s to come.

This feels so true for them, and I’ve even felt it myself. It’s a hard feeling. A real struggle.

I’m not here to deny that struggle, but what I am here to say, is that it’s just not true that we can’t enjoy our current selves on the journey toward change… We need to learn how to love our bodies and ourselves now if we ever want to love ourselves fully another way.

Here are several reasons why:

1. When we already feel good, we want to continue feeling good, and will make more choices in alignment with our desire to feel good

2. When we feel bad, we usually make choices that keep us stuck in feeling bad

3. You might not ever be satisfied with your weight-loss, especially if you’re not accepting of yourself now

4. We cannot punish ourselves toward healing (what kind of healing would that be?) 

5. If you’re going to do something, you may as well enjoy it

6. You should not waste another moment not loving yourself (this needs no explanation)

Do you need to wear clothes that honor your current body? Do you need to start eating intuitively, now? Do you need to hire someone to help and support you? Do you need to aim for that promotion right now? Is it that you need to be able to look in the mirror, and smile at yourself, starting today? Or, do you need to begin eating like you love and want to honor yourself now? Which, is basically just eating in a way that allows you to feel good, because you deserve to feel good… Do you need to start giving the people you love your undivided attention? What is it that you need?

How to Start Loving Your Body Now, Even If You Want Your Body to Change

Some of the things that I personally had to do to start loving myself more fully, were:

Letting go of the need to lose weight. I had to acknowledge that the *only thing* I had control over, and the only thing I was actually in charge of was loving my body, being kind to her, helping her to relax, have fun, and really find joy in life… and of course, treat her like I loved her with my food and movement… and that it was completely up to my body to decide how she wanted to look once I did that. Basically, I made actions that showed my body I liked/loved/honored/respected her, began to really believe it, and then the changes came as my body needed them to. I let go of my own outcomes, and just started doing what felt good, each day.

Simple things I did: I gave myself full permission to buy that latte, and I’d order a small (this would change time to time, FYI – I’m remembering one experience specifically, when I was really struggling with permission to eat what I wanted) because I knew I’d drink a small more slowly than a large, and I knew that I’d feel honored by very calmly having exactly what I’d wanted. Same with other food I used to think I “shouldn’t” have.

I also started doing what felt good in terms of moving my body day to day. I became okay with the fact that my body needed change and didn’t want to do the same vigorous exercise each day. I become friends with walking, stretching, step… and all other forms of exercise that I knew would feel good and honoring to my body. I let her decide each day what she wanted to do.

I also started dressing the way that I wanted to. I wore clothes that were comfortable, and honored the way my body was right then. I wore clothes that brought me joy. Ones that I felt bright, light, and happy in.

I started to talk to myself, and ask myself what I wanted to do, what I needed, and what would ultimately bring me joy.

I began to think of the long-term and short-term effects of my choices. I used to be a very impulsive, instant gratification type person. At this point, I began to think of how my choices would make me feel later, and I began caring for my “future self,” as I still say to this day. I would choose to do things that would set up my “future self” (my self that would be still living, feeling, and breathing for the rest of today, tonight, tomorrow, next week, and a year from now) to feel her best.

I’m talking in past tense, because I’m referring to the beginning of my journey with intuitive living. But, to be clear, I still do all of these things today. 

So, I’m curious, in what ways do you need to love yourself more? If you have any other questions or comments on this at all, I’d love to hear. Leave a comment. 

It’s worth it, ladies. Love yourselves more fully right now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not once xyz happens. Right now.

Give yourself a slow smile to start yourselves off, and really feel that joy in your face, down to your heart, and all throughout your body.



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