Everything Working Against Me Today

Yep, today is one of those days where dumb-thing after dumb-thing continues to happen.

First, I slept through my alarm. Then, my mind started racing with everything I had to do. I really wanted to get a blog post in this morning for all of you, so I started doing it before the Gym (purposefully, I never do this). My camera cord ended up breaking, and I couldn’t get my pictures up. So, I went to Marco’s computer, uploaded them there, and then emailed myself all of the following pictures. I then proceeding to upload them to my blog where they wouldn’t upload for about 30 minutes. Therefore, missed my window for a morning workout. My mind continued to be racey and unfocused during my quiet time. Truly, small problems, I know… but do you ever have those days where it feels like everything is working against you?

I’ve learned to not let these days take over. I’ve learned that just because your day starts off annoying, it does not mean that it will end that way. So, what am I going to do about it? I’m going to get up, shower off, make a nice cup of Bulletproof Coffee (with much less butter – I keep things in moderation), and go into my work day with a totally clear mind. I’m going to anticipate that the day will end well, and I’m going to get my well intentioned workout in this afternoon. I’m going to release myself from black and white thinking, and I’m going to remember that life doesn’t need to be taken too seriously. So, THERE day. I’m going to make you good!


Yesterday morning started off with time planning my Sugar Blues Class, coming up April 19th! You signed up?

Following my early morning planning, I made Marco & I breakfast. We had eggs & toast, and jalapeño bacon that my sweet friend Maria gave us.

We ate surrounded by flowers & color, and that was good.

After breakfast, we spent the morning walking at the beach. We love doing this Monday morning before the workweek begins.

For lunch, I made us each a kale salad with Cruciferous Crunch, feta cheese, shredded carrots, garbanzo beans, and goddess dressing. On the side, I had leftover Polenta Pizza, which my friend Maria taught me how to make over the weekend.

The Polenta Pizza is her own recipe. I think it’s more like a casserole. It’s absolutely delicious! I’m going to have her comment here, and share with you all how to make it 🙂


For dinner, we had more kale salad + open faced jalapeño turkey burgers. This was incredible!


After dinner, I packed up two burgers for tomorrow. One for Marco, one for me!

“Cook once, eat twice.” Thanks IIN!

And to end this post, a few photos from this past weekend, since it was such a good one!

photo 1

An #OOTD post since you all requested more of them!

photo 2

Another #OOTD post, this time with curls in my hair 🙂

photo 5

The delicious original Polenta Pizza that Maria made me! This one has artichokes, which taste awesome! I didn’t have any when I made mine and it still turned out phenomenal.


Marco & I in Santa Monica. Sunday after Church, we decided to end the weekend doing fun stuff along the PCH. We hung out in Malibu, ate lunch on the Santa Monica Pier, and walked the 3rd Street Promenade. It was great 🙂


I got fish taco’s eating at the Pier.


Here’s a photo of Malibu. We parked here for a while and just watched the Ocean. How pretty is that?

Alrighty everyone. ENJOY your day, and pray for me to enjoy mine 😉 Haha!

Do you ever have days where you feel like every thing starts off wrong? Do you let it get to you, or not? What do you do to change the direction of your day? Relate to me in the comments below.  

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