Eye-Fi Not Working

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing faaaabulous.

So, I came to post something saying I can’t post. Haha! Yep, my fancy new memory card will not let me upload pictures to my computer… real fancy, right?

Well, anyways… This morning for breakfast I had yogurt, banana, honey, and sunflower better. Repetitive? Yes. Do I love it? Yes! I crave this breakfast, especially when it involves sunflower seed butter! I’ve come to like it more than Peanut Butter even! I never thought that day would come. I’m sure it’s only a phase 😉

Sorry that there are no Photos! I’m going to switch my memory card today and see how that works. I’m babysitting 3 jobs today, one of which involves going to the Zoo!

Hope you all have a great day!

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