False Alarm Sick Day

First of all. I’m so happy right now about my internet. It’s so speedy! I was so nervous that was going to be a problem in our new place… Clearly I’m having my own thoughts while starting today’s post. Ha!

Yesterday’s Eats

eggs and toast and pepper plant

Yesterday morning for breakfast Marco and I had scrambled eggs and toast with Pepper Plant. Do I have any other Pepper Plant lovers here? I had it with my breakfast this weekend, and then went out and bought some on Monday. I remembered it’s goodness 🙂


For a snack, right after my friend Jade came and visited, I had a nectarine.

After my snack, I ran some errands, dropped off a Binder to my Client (which, by the way… I am so doing a post on again this week of everyones photos and excitements because I AM excited!) and stopped by the parents house. Yes, I already went to my parents house.

open faced sandwich

At my parents…. I think I made a bad choice.

Have you ever had a bad thought about a food (just a really quick thought) and then still eaten it? Only to wish you hadn’t?

That happened. I think this turkey threw me off yesterday. Immediately after I ate it I had a hollow, deep, hungry, weird nauseating feeling…

fig bar

I ate this fig bar to try and get it to go away. Truly, I just thought I was overly hungry.

Still, 3 hours later I felt nauseated.

sick day in bed

So, I laid in bed for the rest of the day. I watched Netflix, and rested my body.

popcorn homemade

And made a little bowl of popcorn to snack on — I wanted crackers, but we didn’t have any. This did the trick and did it even better.

PS. I pop this myself with organic kernels and grapeseed oil in a covered pot. Works perfectly!

salad and pesto pasta

For dinner, we were going to have Pho from this place in Ventura called Mai’s. Until I realized that they’re closed on Tuesdays. What a random time to be closed, right?!

Anyways, I made up for it with this yummy dinner. I made homemade pesto (yes, feeling better by then) and salad.

Pesto recipe here. You can play with the amounts to get it just right — this pesto is stronger, so you need less on the noodles. I also put a little grass-fed butter on the noodles for extra flavor. Mmm!

I put the pesto sauce on Quinoa pasta and had it with a side salad. I also made the dressing myself. In the dressing: 1 shallot, 5T olive oil, 2t dijon mustard, and 2T balsamic vin + salt & pepper (all in the food processor). Thanks Dad for the recipe! Heavenly!

healthy hits the spot office

Here’s another little snippet of my office. We don’t have anything on the walls yet, so it’s not entirely complete. But it is all organized and together. Yay!

trader joes dark chocolate

Dessert was my last piece o’ dark chocolate. Need to get to TJ’s to buy more. NOW. 🙂


To end the night, after watching endless amounts of Netflix with my Marco, we played cards. That’s the awesome thing about NOT having cable. We think of things to do other than TV filled with junky, craving causing commercials (I hate commercials, especially at night). Wait… am I ranting? Ha!

Alrighty y’all. I’m feeling MUCH better today. I’m so thankful that I wasn’t actually sick, and just ate something bad. All better. I’m off to meet my Dad for a Step Class.

See you back here tomorrow!

Things I’m wanting to post/video on:

  • things my Clients are saying about their binders (they just got them yesterday)
  • grocery shopping while living on your own
  • combining finances with your significant other and saving

Not sure exactly when… but those are all topics I’d love to talk about. Anything you’ve been wondering? Ask 🙂

Love, Paige

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