False Alarm

Good morning everyone! Happy Voting Day!

Yes on 37?!


Yesterday for breakfast, I had leftover potato and egg casserole that Haley made… Mmm mmm! Potatoes, eggs, bell pepper, spinach, cheese… So good!


And absolutely for sure of course… Pepper Plant… who else is in love?

IMG_2285.JPG IMG_2296.JPG

After breakfast I put a cooling cucumber mask on… So relaxing! My Seester (my brothers wife) gave them to me for my Birthday. Still have 4 left 🙂

photo 1

After the mask, I found another picture from my Birthday that I wanted to share! This is the morning after while my family and Marco were all sitting outside the Crown. Got my Bloody Mary!


For lunch yesterday, I made a Veggie Stir-Fry! It had tofu, a bag of veggies sauteéd in olive oil, and almonds.. I added the almonds in about half way through so they would soften. It was delish! I seasoned it with sea salt + low sodium soy sauce and enjoyed with siraché! I also had an additional handful of raw almonds.. mmm!

I’m enjoying the other half of the batch for lunch today 🙂

photo 2

For dinner, Marco and I went to Chipotle, and I seriously impressed him

photo 3

Yesterday was one of those “I want to eat a lot, but I’m trying to contain myself” days. Haha! You all know what I’m talking about? Yea, I finished this huge veggie burrito. At least it was full of good stuff 🙂

Inside: brown rice, black beans, lots of veggies, guacamole, a little sprinkle of cheese, lots of lettuce, and pico dé gallo. Soo good!

I told Marco that we’ve been going out to eat way too much! We so have! It’s just so fun to go out and spend time together! We decided for the next 7 days (until next Monday), we will eat at home… We’ll just have to make it a date at the house 🙂 It’s so bad that I think today I’ve already thought about eating out somewhere probably 3 times. Time to break the newly developed habit!


On 3 meals a day- I’m still loving it! I believe it’s been about 2 weeks now. Most days, I’ve followed the rule and am feeling really good! I’m learning to eat enough at each meal, and it’s getting easier as I go. Yes, there are still those days I want to grab a snack, but the nice thing is I’m learning to fill my time with other things I enjoy instead of mindless snacking! It feels like a very healthy habit! Plus, I think way less about “what am I going to eat next?”

photo 2

Last night when I was babysitting, as I laid the girls down, I heard this high pitched beeping sound. I followed the noise until it led me to this. Carbon Monoxide alarm. My first thought was take the girls outside. So I took them out of bed and sat on the porch until I figured out what to do. I was pretty freaked, but kept calm so I didn’t scare the girls.

I called the Dad, and after about 15 minutes of talking about how the Carbon Monoxide alarm could be going off, we realized it was actually the house alarm that hasn’t been having “false alarms” almost every night. Gah! I was relieved for sure! The little one did not like the sound at all, so we ended up laying in bed singing the song I made up “Goodnight, Goodnight” for about 20 minutes… Plus, she got a bandaid, which she thought would keep her safe… too cute…

Ever had this happen to you?

photo 3

After the girls went to bed, I was standing in the kitchen drinking my water, and glanced over at a keyboard popping out of the shelf.. I went over and grabbed it and laughed to myself as I reminisced in memories of my first time at their house.

This night, I had my first “oh no!” experience. I left the little one sitting at the computer desk for maybe 30 seconds while I ran (literally) to the bathroom and came back to a rather “artsy” keyboard! I saw the keyboard and about had a stood there with my jaw dropped. In my head “that’s it! This will be my last time here!” Thank God, when I told the parents they laughed and said the little one way just at that stage! Oh my gosh… talk about a relief! Now at least it’s a funny memory 🙂

I love the signs that I’ve seen on Pinterest that say “Excuse the mess, the kids are making memories.” This was exactly that! A rather permanent mess!

Are you a babysitter? Have you ever had a scare like this?

Hope you all have a good day!


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