Family Reunion & The Heat

Good morning everyone!


Yesterday I woke up and didn’t feel like much. I had half a Larabar, went to the Gym, and then ate the other half when I got home


For lunch, I made Marco and I Green Smoothies before the Family Reunion


We had the Reunion at the beach near Mandalay Bay in Oxnard.

It was so super sunny in East Ventura, so I wore a dress. We got to the beach, and it was freezing! Being from the area, I should have known, whoops!


Picture of the fam (this is Mom’s side only, and not even everyone!)


Marco and I!

After the Reunion, we went to the Movies and saw The Heat. It was super funny! I’ve found myself continuously repeating lines from the movie. “What’s gonna come fallin’ out!?”

Did you see The Heat? Which part made you laugh the most?


Love, Paige

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