Family Time Is The Best Time



For breakfast yesterday, I drank a probiotic little yogurt and then went to Coffee Bean to meet my cousin Holly to study & do homework (and talk, a lot). Don’t you love when that happens? I think we both knew it before we met up!


Luckily for Holly I got called to babysit and she was able to get tons done! Haha


While babysitting I snacked on a LARABAR


Once I pulled mine out, the little one ran off to get hers too!


When I got home, I changed into shorts and a tank, and had a little bit of this breakfast Quiche that Haley made. It had eggs, potatoes, peppers, jalapeno’s and parmesan cheese. Soo good! I love having them around- too much good food! I enjoyed it with a little quirk squirt of Ketchup as well.

After this, I went back to Coffee Bean, got black coffee, and did work for about an hour. Then I came home, cleaned out my car, organized, and did laundry until Marco came over.


When he got here the whole family took off to get lunch at Spencer McKenzie’s downtown Ventura

My Dad is going to kill me for posting about this… but I have to! While we were driving, Chase & Haley pulled up next to us and little Noah jumped over to the driver windown to see us. My Dad got excited and swung his hand out the window to say hi to Noah and dumped his Coke alllll over himself. He was like “Crap! Do you have any paper towels?!” Luckily, while I was cleaning out my car earlier I left a clean diaper in my car. I handed it to my Dad, and yep! He had to clean himself with a diaper. I jokingly said “Do you need another to put on yourself?” It was sooo funny and it all gave us a good laugh. I insisted that I had to blog about it. If he sees this, I’m not sure what trouble I will be in 😉


It was so nice to get out and have lunch with everyone yesterday



Marco + I


Chase + Haley


Lil’ Noah Boo!


2 for 1 tacos!


I got one Ahi Pocket, and one grilled taco… they were soo good and perfectly filling

14.jpg 15.jpg

We had such a great time eating outside and hanging out with everyone. When we left, Marco took off for the Gym, and I went home to complete some work and an Interview with The Skinny Confidential. I will let you all know when it’s posted!


A while later when Marco got back, I got a sweet tooth and snacked on some dried Mango


When it cooled off outside, I ate a banana with some sunflower butter and got ready for our run.


It’s been so fun running with my Marco lately! We are going again tonight!


I left my camera at home last night, and woke up to a ton of random pictures taken around the house last night. Thanks for the pic of my Neice, Ponyo! Hehe

Question of the day:

How often do you get to go out and enjoy the afternoon with your family? What is your favorite thing to do together?

(If your answer is that you never have time to go out with the family, when is the next time you will? Plan it!)

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