Favorite Childhood Food

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday! Let’s take a look at yesterday through the lens of my Canon Rebel- man, I missed this thing!


Breakfast- plain greek yogurt, agave & sprinkled pecan praline granola + a side of sliced white peach


Snack- raw almonds


Health Coaching in between


My new, cute living room. I’ll have to take more pictures of my new place 🙂


Lunch- two slices of brown rice bread with 1 tbsp. of almond butter split between the two & one sliced banana on top. This was nice and filling!


After lunch, my sweet friend Jade came over. She is currently in school training to become a Health Coach herself, so we went over a few things and had some Yerba Mate tea. 🙂


Love little spoons!


Yesterday, after talking to a Client about remembering to take her vitamins, I realized that I had done just the opposite of what I told her on the phone! I needed to fix that. I told her to remember to take Vitamins, you need to sit them in eyes sight. Well, in my Studio, I did that. Since I moved last weekend, I put them in a cupboard that seems like the perfect little space for Vitamins! Whoops! Guess who was forgetting to take them?


So, what I did was got out a little bowl, filled it with my daily vitamins, and set it next to my Coffee pot. Now, each time I take my Vitamins I’ll fill it up again, and set it next to my morning Coffee.

photo 1

While babysitting, I snacked on one chocolate coconut piece. Yum!

photo 2

And, a few chips and salsa. Here’s another thing I talk about in my Health Coaching- never eating out of the bag! I’m guilty of this sometimes too. I have to remind myself to get a bowl or a plate and only eat what I’ve pulled out.


For dinner, I made two Lavash bread pizzas

Marco and I split half of each one. That meals leftovers today!

IMG_3899.JPG IMG_3900.JPG

The first one was homemade pizza sauce, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, soyrizo, and a tiny bit of sprinkled mozzarella


The next was pesto, chopped walnuts, mozzarella, and gorgonzola. Oh, heavens! This was my fav! Marco loved the soyrizo one.


For a Petite Treat, I had a delicious white peach


And as a snack while watching Raising Hope, I had some more chips and salsa. Forever a favorite food from my Childhood. Gah!

What’s your most favorite childhood food?


Love, Paige

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