Favorite Netflix Shows

Good evening everyone! Yesterdays eats:


8:30 honey greek yogurt with walnuts and organic raisins


10:30 green smoothie

photo 1

11:30 banana and peanut butter

photo 2

12:30-2:30 mangos, almonds, and a couple strawberries

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

After I got off work, I had to get to a doctors appointment. The appointment took 2 hours- way longer than I expected. After my appointment, my Mom and I walked across the street and got peanut butter smoothies. Yum! Literally just almond milk, ice, and peanut butter (totally natural). These were so thin that it tasted like peanut butter milk. I loved it!


After the smoothies, I went for a run, and by the time I got home I didn’t have an appetite for dinner. I snacked on some carrots and hummus, and then an entire bowl of grapes while watching Parenthood with Marco.

My appetite was weird yesterday. Maybe because I got blood drawn? Not really sure!


Have any of you seen Parenthood? It’s so good! As you all know, Marco and I love watching Netflix show’s. We’ve already gone through a few!

  • Friends
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Raising Hope
  • and now, Parenthood

What are your favorite Netflix shows?


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