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Good evening everyone! Hope you are all doing wonderful! I have had a great day, and I am sooo thankful for all the love being shown on my blog.

Before I mention a very exciting part of my day, a smoothie!

Inside this baby had rice milk, 1 tbsp. PB, 1 tbsp. Cocoa, 1 tbsp. flaxseed, 1 big handful spinach, 1 handful of berries

This smoothie was full of antioxidants and really satisfied my sweet tooth! I had a Chocolate craving today because I gave up Coffee for the day. One day at a time 😉 PS, Dark Chocolate contains caffeine


Now, a part of my day that I am very grateful for!

I was featured on The Skinny Confidential . I did an interview talking about everything healthy. Go check it out! I have already got tons of responses from it. I hope you enjoy it!


Dinner, a yummy, healthier grilled cheese + carrots & hummus on the side


Whole Wheat Bread, sauteed apple slices, + cheddar cheese… So so good! It’s the perfect way to enjoy your grilled cheese with a bit more nutrition

IMG_1791.JPG IMG_1795.JPG

And a couple more sweet treats for the day- the tiniest bit of chocolate covered raisins + two pieces of dark chocolate

That sweet tooth really got me today, didn’t it?! I feel like I satisfied it pretty good! 😉

I am wishing you all a wonderful night! I am so excited to wake up in the morning because I am going on a run at the beach with Marco, and then stopping by the Farmers Market. After that, I am making us breakfast and we are going to sit outside on the porch 🙂 I have been looking forward to our Saturday all week! See you in the morning :-*

Love, Paige

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