How to Feel Your Fullness: For the girl who can’t stop eating when she’s full.

Hi! I’m Paige and I’m a Certified [JOY] Coach and also a Certified Intuitive Eating counselor. I can show you how to have a peaceful, easy relationship with food and I’m doing so inside of Aligned Coaching. Three courses that will help you: Calm Around Food, Better Body Imagine, Self-Trust Academy, and Finally Free. You get them all inside Aligned Coaching (and more!). Start our monthly membership today to increase your happiness and live life with more ease!

Three weeks ago, on a Sunday morning, I woke up craving a breakfast burrito.

I shared my craving with Marco and firmly decided (for both of us) that this was what we were doing for breakfast (haha!). When a girl’s got a craving, girl’s got a craving!

We found ourselves at a new (new to us) Mexican food restaurant an hour later. 

Happy girl. I ordered myself a carne asada, egg, potato, and cheese breakfast burrito. Yum. 

I was hungry with anticipation. New place, Sunday morning, out with my husband.

When the burrito came, I was giddy with excitement (it’s no secret – I love food; and I love loving food). It’s fun to love food! 

About 3/4 of the way through, I began to notice that I was getting full.

“I’m getting full,” I thought. I looked at the burrito. “But this is so good,” I thought.

Then I thought about the drive home. I’d be bummed if I were super stuffed, wouldn’t I?

I knew I wouldn’t be glad to feel that uncomfortably stuffed. 

The only thing I would “like” about eating the rest of that burrito was the instant gratification of getting to eat the rest of that burrito. 

But that voice is not the voice of my intuition. 

That’s the voice of my inner rebel that wants to do what she wants without consideration. Ha! Do you have her too, Paige?

I thought about the alternative: how thankful I’d be 20 minutes from now if I chose to listen to my body in that moment. 

To be willing to pause, wrap up the rest of the burrito, and save it for later. 

When I got hungry later I could choose to eat the rest of that burrito or anything else. 

I took my last bite, knowing that I’d chosen to wrap the rest up. 

We drove home, and I was happy. Thankful that I’d chosen to honor my body. Thankful that I got exactly the breakfast I wanted. Thankful that I’d just had a fun, random, spontaneous morning out with my husband. 

And this is why intuitive eating means so much to me. And why I believe you want to return to your natural state (you were born with it!) as an intuitive eater too.

To get to eat what you want, listen to your body, and build trust with yourself that proves to you that you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it, and still feel good. To experience the rewards of this type of relationship with food. 

It’s not always perfect, and there are definitely moments where my brain gets the best of me and chooses to eat the last quarter of that burrito. But I judge myself for none of it. And that has given me more freedom than I could have every imagined. 

I want this for you. It’s possible – hold onto your hope. I’m here to root you on! Keep following along on the blog, and if you want even more support, I have a training right inside Aligned Coaching when you login, on how to feel your fulness so that you can stop feeling stuffed every time you eat something “tasty.” You will feel so empowered.

Do you struggle with feeling your fullness and honoring it? What thoughts come up for you when you notice that you’re getting full? Do you start to hurry and eat whatever is left on your plate?

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