How to Feel Your Fullness: For the girl who can’t stop eating when she’s full.

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Three weeks ago, on a Sunday morning, I found myself with a strong craving for a breakfast burrito. I shared my craving with Marco, and soon we were sitting in a new Mexican food place, ready to indulge.

I was all smiles, ordering a hearty carne asada, egg, potato, and cheese breakfast burrito. As I eagerly devoured it, enjoying every bite, I hit that familiar point where satisfaction meets fullness. Despite the deliciousness, I recognized the moment to stop. It wasn’t just about savoring the flavors but also listening to my body’s cues.

This moment of choice, between indulging further and respecting my fullness, highlighted a deeper journey I’ve been on. For a long time, my relationship with food mirrored larger patterns of seeking immediate gratification, ignoring my inner peace. My turning point came when I embraced spirituality, finding true fulfillment in a life aligned with deeper values and faith.

It wasn’t until I leaned fully into my spirituality, finding profound satisfaction in my relationship with Jesus, that I truly understood the meaning of inner peace and its impact on all aspects of life, including eating.

This isn’t about a quick fix or a diet; it’s about living a life so fulfilling that overeating loses its appeal.

For those who see their eating habits as a reflection of inner turmoil, consider this: maybe it’s not about the food. Cultivating inner peace can lead to outer calm, transforming your relationship with food and beyond.

Through the Live Brightly Starter Kit, I want to guide you toward this realization. It’s more than just eating; it’s about creating a life you love, filled with meaningful satisfaction that goes beyond the dinner table.

If you find yourself eating past fullness, ask what you’re truly hungry for. Is it food, or is it fulfillment? Join me in exploring how a deeply satisfying life can naturally lead to intuitive eating, where you’re in tune with your body’s needs and desires. I guarantee you it’s deeper than food, and this free guide will help you discover just that.

My hope here is to help you find fulfillment that nourishes body, mind, and soul.

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