Feeling Our Feelings Instead of EATING Them

Feeling Our Feelings Instead of Eating ThemHow’s life going right now? Smooth? Hard? (If it’s hard… does part of you even want to run from this post and not go there? If so… then STAY.)

How are you doing? How are you feeling? Alert? Happy? Anxious? Tired?

So often we try and push through these emotions. Make it through today. To just keep going.

But what happens when we do this for far too long? 

We get exhausted… we don’t feel heard/understood… we feel that nobody understands.

And sometimes, if we struggle with food, we go straight to the cupboards. Where else can we find comfort that tastes so good?

Feeling bad about your body, but can’t give yourself the time/space to process this? Feeling overwhelmed by how far you feel from your ‘ideal’ body? Cupboards.

Feeling stressed about a big change in your life but not letting yourself admit that this change is hard? Cupboards. 

Feeling ignored or not ‘romanced’ by your significant other but not talking about it? Not letting your needs be known? Cupboards. 

I’m not saying that anytime you avoid your feelings you go to the cupboards. But if food is a main source of comfort for you… then it’s possible that you do.

It’s possible that you think the problem is the food and how “out of control” you are around it…

But have you considered that food is one of the only “safe” places you can go right now? Food is one of the only places you can find relief? Does this feel true for you?

If so…

1) Let’s pour some self-compassion on this area (of course you’d go to food, you’re not sure where else to go / let go of any guilt you’re holding onto… this is the only way you’ve been able to help yourself unload for a while, isn’t it?) and…

2) Let’s take a deeper look into how you’re feeling, how you’re dealing, how you’re doing.

Are you tired? How are YOU?

What do you need? How do you feel? How are your boundaries right now?

When is the last time you took some time to yourself? The last time you did something just for you? The last time you felt energized by your day? The last time you wrote/thought about how you’re feeling?

When is the last time you let yourself sing a song at the top of your lungs? Had a coffee/tea in peace? Read a book? Put your feet up? Asked for help? Let someone do something for you?

If you’re reading this and thinking… crap… I really need some of this!

Here’s your permission. What is ONE thing you can do today to feel heard? Seen? Cared for? Take the initiative… no-one else can do this for you.

Rooting for you!

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