Answering your Q’s + Making You Laugh. Hard!


Just a couple days ago, Simi and I launched our virtual, self-paced guide to pleasurable weight loss, a renewed relationship to food, self-love, & lasting body freedom, FINALLY FREE, to the ENTIRE public.

SO many of you have already joined (literally, every time I open my email!) & are ALREADY Finding Freedom in just a few days! We LOVE hearing this!

A few of you have been asking:

Q: How is the coaching administered?

A: Your coaching is administered through TWELVE video sessions – each session is one step out of the 12 total steps to freedom that we have formulated for you. With each video session, you will get a beautifully designed outline, handout (with questions to help you break free from what is holding you back from having an absolutely free relationship to food), and strategically chosen goals for you to work through.

You will take this program at your own pace. We recommend one session per week, but ultimately, your pace will be your own and we advise you to get comfortable with each session before moving to the next. You will be able to contact both Simi & myself through the email we provide you inside FINALLY FREE.

Q: Is FINALLY FREE accessible from any device? For example….I have a iPad…but not a laptop. Also, can I only access it from one device? Or is it an online system I log into that can be accessed from other devices as well?

A: Yes, you can access FINALLY FREE from anywhere! Phone, iPad, fiancés laptop! You’ll have your own unique username & password and can dive into the Program from anywhere immediately upon enrollment.

Q: It says I get a life-time membership. Is the price really just one payment of $497 for lifetime access? Or will I have to pay again in the future?

A: The price is really ONLY a one-time payment of $497 and you’re then enrolled for LIFE! That’s literally just over a dollar a day for a year in exchange for total food freedom. WHAT?! So worth it.

If you have questions that are not addressed here, please do not leave them unanswered. You can email me at

We can hardly contain our excitement, and are BLOWN AWAY by you girls! I mean, we’d want to join too, but seriously! This is just too good! We’re SO happy to be supporting you!

Here’s what you’ve been saying:

“What a beautifully complete program! I couldn’t even believe how awesome it was – when I signed in I was blown away!”

“Inspiring and empowering are the words I would use to describe this program! Paige and Simi provide a wealth of knowledge in an accessible, approachable format. The program provides you with tools to be the best and happiest version of yourself for life. Thanks Paige & Simi!”

“The combination of video, outlines, and handouts makes this program easy to follow and wonderful for people who are visual and auditory learners. I loved the personal examples and stories because it felt like Simi and Paige were speaking directly to me. I can’t wait to dive into this program in detail.”

“Though the concept of intuitive eating can be intimidating, it’s reassuring to know there are not one but two beautiful, real women rooting me on. Relatable and thoughtful, their advice, stories and insight are priceless. I love that I can revisit the videos any time I need a pick-me-up or refresher.”

“A truly life and body changing program. If you’re tired of waiting to live your life, you must start this program today! Freedom awaits.”


Can we just say, we have never been so proud or excited about anything we’ve worked on before! FINALLY FREE was truly born from our hearts. From day 1, your success, victory, & freedom have been on our hearts!

Simi and I were chatting regularly on the phone for many months when we had this feeling that we needed to do MORE together. But we wondered: “what was the more?” So, we took a few days (apart) to think about, dream about, and pray about it before we re-grouped to discuss our ideas.

When we regrouped we each came with only one idea. It was magical! We both had THE EXACT SAME IDEA – down to every single bullet point. We had independently come to one conclusion: FINALLY FREE needed to be born!

From that moment on, we were 100% in! And for months we’ve been working hard (although, like most soul work, it has felt so FUN!) to create a final product that lives up to that dream we shared together months ago.

And do you know what? It is even better than we could have imagined.

CLICK HERE to discover how much fun freedom can be!

Today, as we continue to enjoy the launch of our unique, virtual program, we want to share some of the funniest moments from the making of FINALLY FREE with you!

Diets are boring, and we are so over boring!!

Freedom means fun, silliness, and laughter, and we have TONS of that to share with you today!

We KNOW you’ll enjoy a few of our favorite bloopers from FINALLY FREE. Trust us – you’re going to have a lot of fun with us as your coaches inside the FINALLY FREE site!

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Love, Paige

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