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I know reaching out might feel like a big step. So let me just give you a big virtual hug and reassure you: you are in the right place!

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“I am much more aware of my purchases and most of them feel very aligned with my personal values.”

Before I started financial coaching, I was struggling to feel organized and calm around money. I was making great money, but I did not have a monthly budget and I wasn’t sure how to organize it.

I’d try to bring myself happiness with new clothes, another new decoration for the house, or another random online purchase. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes just the right bottle of wine DOES make me happy… but I was craving a middle ground.

When I reached out to Paige for help I was ready to make a change. And with her help, I believe I have found that middle ground. Today, I am much more aware of my purchases and most of them feel very aligned with my personal values.

Kim Schwarting, New York