Step into a calmer, more empowering relationship with money

With me in your corner to support you.

If you’re struggling to get organized with your finances, I can help you work through your mindset blocks, be more intentional with your spending, and create a budget that works for you.

1:1 Financial Coaching with Paige

I know reaching out might feel like a big step. So let me just give you a big virtual hug and reassure you: you are in the right place! 

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“My husband and I have now purchased our first home, and we both credit that to my coaching with Paige.

Not only did coaching help us budget better, it also helped us plan for our future.”

Margot Cyprus, New York

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

You make good money. The problem is…

…you never have anything left at the end of the month

You’d LOVE to buy a house (but saving enough money for a downpayment feels like an impossible goal right now). 

You wish you had some savings to fall back on (but spending your money is so much more fun than saving).

And you try not to think about your car payment.

Or your student loan and credit card debt.

Because sometimes it feels better to bury your head in the sand…

…than think about all the money you owe. 

Sometimes you find yourself wondering: 

“Where’d all my money go?!” 

Until you see the Amazon packages on your front porch with your name on that you don’t even remember ordering (we’ve all been there!).

You feel a little anxious when you log on to check your bank and credit card statements… and find ALL the answers to where your money went! 

You’re probably thinking, “I want my money back!” as you spot charges for subscriptions you didn’t even realize you had.

What makes it worse is that everyone else seems to have their finances figured out…

Your family and friends all seem to be budget queens.

They had a separate savings account for the downpayment on their dream home. 

And they pay cash for everything to avoid getting into debt. 

Meanwhile, you sigh and think “Maybe I’m just bad with money…”

Please believe me when I say:
You are NOT bad with money

  • You just need to follow a budget that’s aligned with your deepest, heartfelt values (so you can actually ENJOY life while you’re saving up for that downpayment and your other financial goals!)
  • You CAN get in control of your finances with some gentle support from someone who understands
  • It IS possible to reach a life of financial freedom and empowerment

Start your journey to financial freedom today

Imagine that the following statements are true for you…

  • Checking your bank statements is just a normal daily task. It is NOT a source of anxiety for you.
  • You are consistently paying off your debts each month, with circles on your calendar showing when each one will be fully paid off.
  • You know the exact date you’ll have the downpayment saved for the dream home you never thought you could afford (or any other financial goal you might have)
  • You see the looks of pride on your family’s faces as they see you’re finally getting organized with your money
  • You no longer feel anxious about spending your money and are living a life FILLED with things that bring you joy.

How FREEING would it feel… if they were all true?

“Working with Paige has completely changed my relationship with money.” 

Before financial coaching, I had set a goal with my husband to buy a house and when we went to look at our finances we didn’t even know where to start! We had no idea how much we were spending or saving and felt extremely overwhelmed.

Paige made it easy to learn how to keep track of our spending, budget, and save, while enjoying the things in life that make us truly happy.

My husband and I have now purchased our first home and we both credit that to my coaching with Paige.

Margot Cyprus, New York

When my coaching clients first reach out to me, they often tell me:

“Budgeting just doesn’t work for me.”  

You might feel this way, too. And it’s probably because the budgets you’ve tried to follow in the past have not been aligned with your values.

I’d like to share my story with you now. Because if you’re still reading, chances are this will resonate with you. 

I used to struggle with my mindset around money.

I started budgeting when I was 20 and I decided I had to start ‘being good’ and ‘responsible’ with my money.

So I cut out all the extras and fun things – anything I didn’t need – so I could start saving.

Because I thought that was what it meant to be responsible with money.

…No more Vanilla Lattes from Starbucks.

…No more eating out at my favorite sandwich shop, Urbane Cafe. 

…And definitely no more shopping for clothes with my friends every Saturday!

After a couple of months I had $800 – the most money I had ever saved – just sitting there in my bank account.

But the day my account hit $800 was the same day it hit $0 again.

It was my friend’s birthday and she wanted to go shopping and eat out with some friends of ours in Santa Barbara, near where I live in California.

That day, I was in the mood to shop. 

My budget? Out of the window.

“Screw this!” I thought, after 2 months of boredom and ‘being responsible’. “I have all this money and today I just wanna have fun! What am I even saving for anyway?”

Because life is too short, right?

So that day I spent every single penny in my account (and then some on my credit card) on clothes and food.

It felt so liberating to be ‘living in the moment’, buying beautiful things, and having a wonderful time with my friend on her birthday.

But as soon as I got home, I saw my budget on the wall and thought “Oh crap! I spent all my money…again!”

You see, creating a budget was never the problem for me – and I’m guessing it isn’t for you either.

But the mistake I see so many people make with budgeting – like I did – is: 

You’re not making space in your budget for the fun things, so you’ll actually WANT to stick to it

You need a non-restrictive budget that considers your values and INVITES joy into your life, so you can:

  • Feel calmer and more intentional when you’re spending money
  • Start consistently paying off your debts and eventually start paying into a savings account every month
  • Spend money on the things you love, knowing you have space for it in your budget

When your budget serves you and brings you joy, you’ll actually feel GOOD about logging in each day to update it!

Like a game where you’re always winning 🙂 

This IS possible for you. 

Because I’ve done it myself and so have the women I’ve worked with.

But thinking about trying to achieve this all on your own might feel a little overwhelming.

So what if you had someone in your corner to support you through this transformation?

Someone who’s been where you are now and has already overcome the mind blocks that are standing in your way to financial freedom.

“Today, my fear around money and finances is gone! I feel calm, confident and organized!”

When I started financial coaching with Paige, I was definitely nervous and honestly wasn’t sure if coaching would really help me change.

Paige helped me feel at ease and had faith in me throughout the whole process! She really helped me to see what was possible for the future.

Today, my fear around money and finances is gone! I feel calm and confident and organized! If someone came to me who was struggling with finances, I would most definitely tell them to reach out to Paige!

It is 100% worth it!

Danielle Olberding, California

I help women feel calm and empowered around food and money. 

I’ve been coaching for 8 years now and have always had a personal love for budgeting. 

It’s what allowed me to move out on my own and start a successful business when I was just 20. 

I started out as an intuitive eating coach and became a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach after overcoming my own mindset issues around money.

All those years ago, I realized that a boring, restrictive budget was NOT going to work for me – just like it hasn’t been working for you.

But the best news is… you CAN create a budget that is aligned to your values and makes space for things that bring you joy! 

Because in everything I teach, whether it has to do with food, relationships, career, or money… I have my clients align their goals and values and identify the things in their lives that bring them joy.

This is what differentiates my coaching philosophy from others.

No more striving to do what you think you “should” do, without checking to see if it’s what you actually want.

When you work with me, you will:

  • Learn to create a budget that considers what brings you (and your family) joy
  • Become a great steward of your finances, feeling totally in control and confident that you can continue what you learn into the future
  • Pay down debt (likely even pay some debts completely off in 90 days)
  • Have a plan and the tools you need to carry out your budgeting for the rest of your life
  • Get the support you need to shift the small perspectives that creep around in your mind and hold you back (without you even knowing)

If this all sounds wonderful and has left you feeling curious (and maybe even excited) about the possibilities that lie ahead…

Then my one-on-one financial coaching program will be a fantastic next step for you.

“I am much more aware of my purchases and most of them feel very aligned with my personal values.”

Before I started financial coaching, I was struggling to feel organized and calm around money. I was making great money, but I did not have a monthly budget and I wasn’t sure how to organize it.

I’d try to bring myself happiness with new clothes, another new decoration for the house, or another random online purchase. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes just the right bottle of wine DOES make me happy… but I was craving a middle ground.

When I reached out to Paige for help I was ready to make a change. And with her help, I believe I have found that middle ground. Today, I am much more aware of my purchases and most of them feel very aligned with my personal values.

Kim Schwarting, New York


90 Days to Financial Freedom

For women who want to feel empowered with their money

A personalized 1:1 financial coaching program to help you create an easy-to-use, values-based budget that makes space for the things that bring you joy

Book a FREE discovery call with Paige

Let go of your anxiety and guilt around spending your money

90 Days to Financial Freedom is a coaching program that I’ll adapt to your individual needs. So you can finally pay off your debts and feel empowered to use your money to create the future you’ve been dreaming of!

After our first session, you’ll have a fully functional and easy-to-use budget that is aligned to your personal values.

During moments of uncertainty, overwhelm or impulse between sessions, you can reach out to me, and I’ll gently guide you back to a place of calm.

What you’ll learn

(and why this will be a wonderful next step for you)

Together, we’ll explore and work through any mindset blocks and issues that might have gotten the better of you in the past. You’ll learn how to recognize and overcome these (I’ll help you believe you can do this!) and you’ll develop an unshakeable trust in yourself when it comes to managing your money.

You’ll end the program feeling calm and organized around money, confident about keeping track of your finances, and a sense of freedom as you plan for the future.

“Paige supported me in working through any blocks that came up along the way.

“I had previously had Paige as my intuitive eating coach, so I knew having her help around money would help me get to a better place.

Each session Paige encouraged me with accountability and check-ins around my action steps. She supported me in working through any blocks that came up along the way, and was always there for an email or text check-in, helping me with each next step.

Today, I can say that I feel peaceful with money. My husband and I are on the same page with our monthly budget, and I have a plan to make continued progress on my own.

I would recommend Paige’s financial coaching to anyone who is confused or disorganized around money. 

If you’re not sure how to budget (or you find budgeting boring and restrictive!), or if you need a little extra help to get organized and feel empowered with your money – Paige is your coach.”

Kim Schwarting, New York

Just take a moment and imagine…

  • The joy of not having to cut out all the fun things in your life – because your budget makes space for these!
  • The contentment of knowing you’re building up your savings for the things you truly want in life
  • The relief you’ll feel as you watch your debts being erased little by little, one by one, knowing the exact date that you’ll be debt-free.
  • The serenity of receiving a bill and feeling no anxiety, knowing that you planned for this debt in your budget
  • The reassurance of having someone in your corner you can text whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed

My clients achieve all these amazing outcomes for themselves – and so can you.

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(If you think you might need coaching, you probably do)

“Within the first two months, I was able to get rid of 4 out of 8 debts.”

Paige showed me how to set aside small amounts in savings to plan for expenses and upcoming bills, like car registration. Starting March 1st, I started putting $90 away so that my July bill was fully covered!

I had saved $450, and my car registration was $360. Not only was I able to pay for it without touching my monthly income, I still have some left in savings (this is a big deal for me!).

For the first time in my life, I was able to pay a big bill that did not come out of my monthly income and set us back!! That is a WIN and SO freeing!!!

H.C., California

This is how we’ll create your financial freedom

Prep: You’ll do my 1-hour budgeting workshop, Budgeting with Joy 

If you haven’t done my budgeting workshop already, this will get you familiar with the nuts and bolts of setting up your budget, ready for our first session.

As you go through the workshop, you’ll be completely honest with yourself and get crystal clear on your values, your life goals, and what you really want for yourself.

This is the exact process I followed myself and will lay the foundation for the budget we’ll create for you in your first coaching session.

Session 1: We’ll set up your personalized budget

I will help you create a functional, easy-to-use budget that you’ll be able to access from your phone or your computer. 

This personalized budget will be completely aligned with your personal values and goals. So for the first time, you’ll feel like you actually WANT to stick to it. 

My goal is for you to finish this session with a budget that you find easy to manage and makes space for the things that bring you joy

Session 2: We’ll work on your money mindset

You’ll recognize and calmly accept any blocks that come up while you’re getting used to your new budget. 

You’ll start to discover what’s holding you back from breaking through barriers and moving forward, and I’ll coach you to overcome these things.

Between sessions, I’ll encourage you with accountability check-ins around your action steps. And I’ll always be there for an email or text check-in to help you get to each next step. 

Session 3: You’ll be on the road to financial freedom

It’ll be time to acknowledge and celebrate the powerful transformation you’ve been through. We’ll talk through any remaining mindset issues and you’ll walk away feeling confident about managing your finances. 

You’ll know the exact dates you’ll pay off each of your debts and reach your savings goals, and you’ll be moving with purpose and ease toward a new life of financial freedom.

Between our 60-minute coaching sessions you’ll have: 

Unlimited text and email access to me

So if you feel like you’re struggling to manage your budget or are experiencing a moment of impulse, you can text me and I’ll help guide you through it.

I have just THREE slots left for my financial coaching program this January. Reach out today and start your journey toward financial freedom!

Book a free 30-minute 1:1 call with Paige

During the 30-minute discovery session, we’ll discuss whether my 90-day 1:1 financial coaching program is the best way for you to move forward, get organized and feel empowered with your finances. 

If we decide this program isn’t right for you, I’ll recommend the best next step for you to take on your journey to financial freedom.

Reach out to Paige & book a free Discovery Call

Our goal on the call will be to discover the best next step for you

In case you have any questions…

The women who get the most out of my coaching programs are usually the ones who have the MOST questions in the beginning.

Here are the most common questions and doubts that come up:

1. “I’ve tried budgeting before and I just don’t think it will work for me.”

First, let me start by saying that change is possible for EVERYONE.

Second, not a single one of my coaching clients has told me they’re still struggling with money after completing my 90-day 1:1 financial coaching program. I am here to make sure we create a non-restrictive, values-based budget that works for you, that is easy to manage, and that you’ll WANT to stick to.

Finally, for every one of those 90 days, you’ll have me in your corner to support and encourage you and help you with any mindset blocks as you get used to your budget. 

We’ve GOT this! ✊

2. “I’m afraid I won’t be committed enough.”

Although our goal will be to create a budget you’ll want to stick to, it’s important that you feel ready to commit to it. This is why I ask all my clients on their discovery call:

  • Where would you like to be with your finances at the end of this coaching program? 
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it for you to get to this place? 

If you’re on at least an 8, that tells me that you’re ready and that you’re committed. And I’ll be there with you every step of the way with check-ins on your action steps to help you follow through. 

3. “Budgeting sounds so boring and restrictive… I don’t want to stop living!”

I don’t want you to either! That’s why one of the first things we do is explore your values and the things that bring you joy in life. 

Once you’re clear on those, we set up a ‘fun money’ fund in your budget, which you’ll be free to spend on the things you love doing.

4. “I don’t think I can afford coaching…” 

So this is important: my coaching program is perfect for you if you have an income of at least $2,500 a month. But it isn’t the right option for you if you don’t currently have a source of income. 

I also do not want you to have to pay for coaching on a credit card. Because my goal is to help you pay down your debt, NOT cause you to go into more debt. 

If you have any questions about this, please reach out and we’ll discover the best option for you right now. 

5. “My partner/spouse is skeptical about me spending money on coaching.” 

I completely understand why you want to make sure your partner is on board before you invest in coaching. And I also understand why they want to be sure that investing in coaching is the right decision for you both.

So I’m going to tell you what I tell my clients who are in the same position. 

Write down three specific outcomes that you want to achieve through coaching. Then share these with your partner. This might be “I want to have $3,000 in savings by February” or “I want to have zero credit card debt by January 1.”

When your partner sees that you want to invest in coaching to work towards specific financial goals, they are more likely to be understanding and supportive. 

6. “My partner struggles as much as I do with budgeting but is not on board with the idea of coaching.”

Even if just one of you gets started with budgeting, this is a fantastic first step to getting to a better place with your money.

On our discovery call, I will give you some tips on how to raise the subject of budgeting and coaching with your partner or spouse – they can even go through the program with you, or join for one of our sessions.

Throughout the program, I will then coach you on how to communicate with your partner or spouse so you can both get onto the same page with your finances.

7. “I owe so much money, I just don’t think I’ll ever pay it all off.”

Debt can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. But when you’re earning decent money and you have a PLAN for consistently paying down your debt, it IS possible to be debt-free. 

I had a client who thought she’d never pay off her 5-figure student loan debt. But once we created her budget this year, we calculated that if she sticks to it and consistently pays off the debt in manageable monthly installments, she could be completely debt-free by October 2023

She was SO excited about this. And having a fixed date to look forward to has made her even more motivated to stick to her budget.

8. “I’m trying to SAVE money, so does it make sense for me to spend money on coaching?”

If you already have an emergency fund and are consistently saving money each month, then you may not need financial coaching. 

HOWEVER – almost everyone is overspending in at least one area of their life OR spending money on things they don’t need or use (often without even realizing it). We will discover these things during your first coaching session.

Oftentimes, the savings from this exercise MORE than cover the cost of coaching, and continue long after you’ve finished the program. 

So if your goal is to save even MORE money, a one-on-one coaching session with me could help you achieve this.

I hope I have given you the answers you need to make the best choice for you now. 

And whether you decide to take the leap now…

…or you feel like now just isn’t the right time…

I will be here for you when you are ready.

If you’re not sure if coaching is right for you…
…I would still love for you to reach out

If you’re struggling with your finances, I would love to speak to you on a free 30-minute discovery call so I can recommend the best next step for you to take – even if coaching isn’t the right option for you right now. 

My priority is to help every single woman who reaches out. I do this by recommending the best solution for each person, based on where they’re at right now. 

So you really have nothing to lose – I would love to help. 

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Gain clarity on how you can move forward

“Within the first month of working with Paige, I was able to earn back my investment by putting that money into savings.”

At the end of the 90 days, I felt extremely confident in managing my own budget (via Every Dollar). Not only that, but I was able to save over an entire month’s income in our time working together.

I’ve raved to my friends and family about my experience with Paige, as I went from being at a ‘plateau’ to having a plan and purpose. It was one of the best investments I made in myself in 2020 – THANK YOU, Paige!”


If you’re ready, I look forward to doing everything in my power to help YOU feel empowered and calm about your finances (how great does that sound?!).

So you can finally start experiencing the Freedom (with a capital ‘F’!) I already know you’re capable of.

Start your journey to financial freedom today with a FREE CALL

Because this IS possible for you!