First Time Voter Embarrassment

Good morning everyone!

Can you guess who I voted for? To avoid political arguments I don’t share my Presidential vote with anyone, but I’m still curious to hear your guess 🙂


First time Voter yesterday!

I about died shortly after I let the people behind the desk know it was my first day voting.

Picture this:

Me: “Oh yes, it’s my first time Voting”

Man: “Oh! We have a first timer! *Claps his hands and shouts* Everybody! We have a first time Voter! This is Paige!”

Me: *Covers my beaming red face laughing hysterically* “Oh my God! This is so embarrassing!”

Everyone in the whole Voting place turned and started shouting and clapping for me! My Mom was behind me dying laughing. I grabbed my ballot and went to go vote and my Mom goes “See ya when you’re done, red face!”

Can you imagine? I wish you could have all been there… except not… Haha!



After the Gym yesterday, I came home and cooked up 2 eggs, and 2 pieces or Organic Multi-Grain Bread. Sooo good! This bread is from Costco and it has to be my absolute favorite…


I enjoyed it with a nice cup o’ coffee! Almond Milk, Coffee, + Agave



For lunch I had miso soup, a handful of raw almonds, and a bowl of the leftover veggie stir-fry I made Monday night


Plus, Siracha!


While babysitting, I snacked on two bananas. To be honest, I couldn’t decide if I was bored, hungry, or just PMSing, but I needed that snack! I was thinking about it and since I’ve been trying out 3 meals per day I haven’t had much fruit. I need to change that, because these bananas tasted like dessert! Hence the reason I ate 2. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten two bananas in my life. Ha!


When I put the boys down, I sat down for some Kate Moss


I must say, I’ve never been interested in Kate Moss like most of my friends have, but the article is very interesting. I will say though… I don’t so much like the part where she says “I wasn’t anorexic, I just didn’t have time to eat.” I hope none of you girls take that as a new idea…. not good! Know that eating when hungry is the right thing to do. Besides that, Kate seems to have always followed her dreams despite what anyone has said about her, and I like that. She’s always been a “likeable” person.


After my babysitting job, my Mom and I went to the Polls to vote. You already read my experience above!

When we got home, Ponyo was being queen of the house and lounging on the dining room table. Ha! What a princess 😉



For dinner last night, I made Marco and I chicken Chile Lime Burgers.

We started with a super simple salad of lettuce and homemade blue cheese dressing


Our burgers were deeeeelicious!

  • Whole Wheat Honey Buns
  • 1 Chicken Chile Lime Patty (Trader Joe’s)
  • Tomato
  • Smear of Blue Cheese Dressing (Instead of Mayo)
  • 1 slice Havarti Cheese Melted onto the Patty
  • Lettuce
  • Fresh Guac (I just made it)
  • And for a little kick, 1 tbsp. of Bacon Bits under the slice of melted cheese…

Oh my, so good!


I had mine with a side of baked (not fried) Sweet Potato Fries, and they were delish!

We also snacked on a few chips before dinner. Hard habit to break in my house! My parents always buy the gigantic bag of chips from Costco! I’m a sucker for tortilla chips, that’s for sure!

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