FIVE Days of Eats

Goooooodmorning. I’ve got FIVE days of eats to share with you! Have you girls been enjoying seeing more daily eats posts on the blog? Let me know… I want to hear! I’m also writing more posts this week (to share this week and next) that will be  “topic” based, and you’re gonna love em!

Upcoming posts will be on:

  • what to do after a binge
  • what to do with your evenings (other than eat)
  • standard tips on intuitive eating
  • the difference between “feeling the burn” vs actual pain – literally and figuratively

Before we dive in to these five days of eats, I want to remind us that the purpose of sharing these posts is not for you to compare your eats to mine.

Rather, I do these posts to 1) encourage you to know that it is possible for you to listen to your body, forgo all forms of dieting, and feel great in your own skin and 2) show you that I walk my talk. My hope is for you to feel more freedom in your life because of these posts.

I hope this post encourages you!

Day 1

Eggs, potatoes, and chicken sausage

Breakfast – eggs, two pieces of chicken sausage, and leftover potatoes that I’d made the night before with dinner.

Potatoes, green beans, and salmon

Lunch – pesto butter salmon (got this from Costco – it’s amazing!), asparagus with toasted almonds and olive oil, and roasted red potatoes.

String cheese

Snack – string cheese from Starbucks. I was working in another city, didn’t have a snack, and this was the simplest one I could find. Just wanted something easy 🙂

Starbucks panini

Dinner – I was on the go this evening, driving from town to town. So, dinner was a yummy tomato and basil panini from Starbucks on my way to hear Kate Merrick speak about her new book, And Still She Laughs

Day 2


Morning coffee – cappuccino with girlfriends at Ascendo in SLO (the new name of “Bello Mundo”).

Eggs, toast, and sausage

Breakfast – sourdough toast, two pieces of chicken sausage, and two over-medium eggs all chopped up.  

Pita wrap

Lunch – a pita toasted and cut in half, opened up, and filled with steak, spicy hummus, chopped spinach and iceberg lettuce. This was a random lunch using things we had left at home, and it was delicious! 

Kombucha at the beach

Afternoon hike & hangout – this day Marco and I were off work. We went for an afternoon hike and then landed at the beach for kombucha and acai bowls to share. Kombucha for me – he’s not a fan. I love it!

Acai bowl

We also shared this yummy acai bowl filled with fruit, and topped with honey, coconut, goji berries, blueberries, strawberries, banana, and bee pollen. Mmm-mmm good!

Burger and fries

Dinner – for dinner we were both craving a burger and fries AND wanted to eat home. So, we swung by Whole Foods on our way home, picked up the ingredients, and I made us dinner: burgers with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, onion, and tomato… plus sides of Alexia fries (sweet potato and regular).

Day 3

Eggs, toast, sausage, and coffee

Breakfast – this was a Saturday. We woke up cozy, made breakfast at home, and then packed up our camper for the beach. This morning, we had our usual of the week – two chicken sausage links, two eggs, and sourdough toast with Kerrygold butter. Mmm! So good. Never gets old.

Turkey sandwich

Lunch – for the beach I made Marco, myself, and my friend Jenna turkey sandwiches. Yum! Avocado, mayo, mustard, cheddar cheese, tomato, and romaine lettuce. So good, so simple! I had a few jalapeño Kettle chips on the side for crunch.

Side salad

Dinner & evening fun – We went to an early dinner, and ended up staying out all night. I wasn’t that hungry at dinner, so I ordered a side salad with blue cheese. Marco ordered wings, and didn’t end up eating them all, so I had a few chicken wings too. Oh, and a bloody mary! Yum… it had BACON in it.

We decided to keep the night going and went to a few different places for drinks (I got peach vodka soda with lots of lime squeezed in). We ordered more appetizers later on (brussel sprouts + goat cheese and toast) at Luna Red. We stayed out until midnight, and danced our hearts out, mostly to Taylor Swift.

It was amazing… Ha! The kind of night where you just let it all out and had a blast. 

Day 4

Eggs, toast, sausage, and coffee

Breakfast – two eggs, sourdough toast, and chicken sausage. Can you tell this is a fav? In my meal planning video, I share how I usually choose ONE breakfast for the week. Keeps it simple, and I always know I can change it up the next week. You can watch that video when you sign-up (for free) here.

Acai Bowl

Lunch-ish – around 11:00 I met up with two girlfriends to plan an event we’re hosting in San Luis Obispo for women who want to build their own business. Hence the name: “BYOB: Build Your Own Business.” If you’re in the SLO area, check out the event here and join us! Would LOVE to meet you girls!

We met up at Bowl’d, where I ordered an acai bowl with lots of fruit, and lots of peanut butter. So good!

Open faced sand which with turkey, cheese, and tomato

Afternoon snack – an open faced toasted sourdough sandwich with a little mayo, turkey, cheese, tomato, and sea-salt & pepper. Totally hit the spot – I was craving protein.


Afternoon snack #2 – A bit later while I was working, I made a green smoothie at home with a little PB added.

Peanut butter cup

Dinner pre-snacks – While I was making dinner this night, I was more hungry than normal (PMS, anyone?). So, instead of leaning away and trying to avoid that and “be good” (a habit I would’ve definitely had before, and one that I’m sure many of you can relate to) I LEANED IN.

I allowed myself to make a more satisfying dinner that night (more filling) and also allowed myself pre-dinner snacks. I checked in with what sounded good: I wanted a PB cup (I slowly tasted and savored it and let it melt in my mouth) and an apple, AND some olives.

Apple Sandwich and salad

Dinner – for dinner, I wanted to re-make my favorite Urbane Cafe SoCal Sandwich. Inside was chicken, pepper jack cheese, tomatillo salsa, avocado, romaine lettuce, and a little mayo. On the side was spring mix with balsamic vin, mandarin oranges, and feta cheese.

I wasn’t a fan of the bread. So, I left some behind. The next night (as you’ll see) I made a similar dinner without the bread. The bread tasted VERY wheat-y. Like, someone tried to make it “healthy” and instead ruined the flavor. No bread here was much better.

Day 5

Eggs, toast, sausage, and coffee

Breakfast – guess! 😉 Two eggs, sourdough toast, and two chicken sausage links (by the way, someone asked me and I get this from Trader Joe’s. It’s called “Chicken Breakfast Sausage” and is right next to all of the other meats).


Lunch – three tacos filled with ground beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, and home-mixed guac. Super simple and yummy. Could have probably even been okay with two, but have been feeling the desire to be a little bit more “full” lately. Ever have that feeling? (I’m sure you do!).

go macro bar

Afternoon snack – peanut butter chocolate chip GoMacro bar

Baklava, lentils, and crackers

Event snacks – In the evening Asia and I went to a budgeting workshop, and while I was there I put together a little plate of food from the snack table: baklava and lentils and crackers. I snacked on this plate and sipped water through the event.

SoCal sandwich

Dinner – I didn’t eat dinner until super late this evening. It was about 9:30 pm. This is the dinner where I shared that I basically had an inside out SoCal sandwich made at home: chicken, pepper jack cheese, avocado, tomatillos salsa, avocado, and sour cream. I sprinkled pepper on top. This was really good!

And that’s a wrap for these 5 days of eats! What did you guys think? Was this post fun? Helpful? Inspiring in any way? Let me know in the comments 🙂

And if you want even more goodness, make sure you’re signed up for my VIP Q+A emails at the bottom of this post. I’m sending one out tomorrow where I answer this readers question: What has been the hardest insecurity for you to overcome?

ALL my love! See you text time – browse around a bit.

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