Food, Family, & a Couple Notes for YOU!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day! Earlier this evening, when I came home from the gym, my aunt and uncle (Rhonda & Bill) were here visiting. I loved that they came over because I haven’t seen them in a while since we’ve been going to different Church services (I started going to the gym at 8:30 and going to Church at 12). While we chatted we snacked on Edamame. So yum!

I also pulled out some of the new stuff I got at Trader Joes today, and we decided to give the Sunflower Seed Butter a try. WOW was it good!

I tasted just one teaspoon of it and fell in love! I found this on A blog that I know you all will love! Her pictures are SO GREAT!

While hanging out in the Kitchen, my Mom was busy making everyone Boca Burgers! Mmm mmm good! This is one of our favorite things in the Burton house! We’ve been eating Boca burgers for so long that a real burger doesn’t even make happy anymore- in fact, it just makes me sick & too full!

Boca is the way to go! 🙂

Even my guy friends who are totally faithful to their manly man burgers love these 😉

Look how good that looks! It really was THAT good too! I told my Mom… “I know we have these a lot, but this is like the best Boca Burger I’ve ever had!”

It was on a Honey Wheat Bun, and inside was: Bleu Cheese Dressing- skip the Mayo, Mustard, Horseradish Sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion! So delicious! I skipped the cheese tonight too, and passed up the fritos. I have been playing a little challenge came in my head today to see what I can give up without jeopardizing taste! I’ve probably saved a ton of calories! I should play this more often 😉

After dinner I got ready and went over to my friend Kelsey’s house for her going away party! Everyone sat by the fire and hungout and had a good time with lots of laughs! We took pictures, but they’re on Kelsey’s camera so I’ll have to add them in later 😉

When I got home I made this Petite Treat!

It’s half a pink lady apple (my favorite!) and a tsp. of sunflower seed butter!

So yummy!

And so little! Hit the spot juuuust right!

I hope you all have a great rest of the night! I’m off to bed so I can wake up in the morning and add the Trader Joes Shopping List to the blog! You’ll be able to print itright out and take it to the store with you! It took me two hours to make, because I couldn’t photograph anything- I did it all by hand! Stick around for that post because I have a couple questions to ask you guys too! 

NOTE: The 6-8 week No Grains, No Sugar, No Cheese Diet WILL be happening. I will be doing it and blogging through the entire thing! I am looking at my calendar and will pick a date most likely by tomorrow, so I’ll keep you all posted on that! Whoever wants to RESET their relationship with food, give this a try! It worked wonders for me!

Love to you all!

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