For All of You {Daily Eat’s} Lovers!

Good evening everyone! This post is for all of you Daily Eat’s lovers! This is a catch-you-up from Friday through Monday

Friday, Dec 6

6:00 Gym


7:30 2 eggs, 1 white, ezekiel toast with earth balance, 1/4 avocado, tomato slices, and organic basil

I kind of piled this all together and had it open faced style.

photo 1

10:00 breakfast trail mix baggie while watching little Kate. I ate this while we walked to the park to play for an hour.

photo 2

11:15 my Dad’s homemade white bean soup – yum!

photo 3

11:30 I wanted something sweet (mother nature visited me about 4 hours later) so I listened to my body and made myself half hot cocoa, half coffee… so satisfying.. I sipped on this for 2 hours.. sounds like a long time, but I really wanted it to last because I was enjoying it so much

photo 4

I was reaching for Kate in this photo. I could hear my phone going “click, click, click, click, click, click, click.” She probably took a series of 40 photos in a row. I think I subconsciously posed for this photo – haha!

photo 5

2:30 banana

photo 1

3:30 a power green smoothie from Blenders with the next little Kido’s I was hanging out with. We got these on the way to the park, and then realized we were waaaaay to cold for the park, so we played at Target instead! Same thing when you’re running through the racks and across the store. There was a lot of fun and chasing going on. Glad we didn’t get in trouble ;):)

photo 2

I took this photo as I was leaving my evening job because the ocean, islands, and sky looked so beautiful


6:30 dinner was 4 corn burritos with cheese & salsa

After this, we went out and picked up our Christmas tree!

Saturday, Dec 7

photo 3

6:00 woke up, read (I’ve been reading so much, and did my morning reflections. For the past week, I’ve been keeping a food journal and writing reflections the following morning. It’s been so nice!


6:45 coffee with eggs and toast (I had to toast the little heal piece… they’re the best!)

8:30 Step Class! Such a kick-your-butt workout!


12:00 Oatmeal with milk, butter, brown sugar, walnuts, and banana… Mama was making this. Got me on an Oatmeal kick! The only thing is, now I’m leaving out the dairy… Even though I love the taste of dairy, I’ve got to back off… It throws me into mood spirals… More on that in a later post 🙂

photo 4

In the middle of the day, Marco and I went out on a mini date. I curled my hair and wore my Troopa’s!

photo 5 IMG_5354.JPG

5:00 dinner was deeeeelicious eggplant parmesan that my Dad made with salad and zucchini… holy cow… I don’t usually like eggplant, but this was SO good!


9:00 packed lunch that I took babysitting. I knew I had to stay up late, and I knew I would be up by myself at night, so I wanted to pack something that I would enjoy.

Turkey sandwich, orange, and a few sea-salt Kettle chips to satisfy my crunch craving

IMG_5352.JPG photo 1

Later in the evening, I wanted another treat, but didn’t want to go overboard (easy to do late at night when you’re babysitting). So, I got out a little bowl, and I mixed a few little chocolates with sesame almonds. This was perfect, and satisfied me for the rest of the night.

Sunday, Dec 8


9:00 toast with smart balance

My Dad made my Mom a piece of toast, which she ended up not wanting, so I took advantage of free breakfast while I was getting ready for Church 🙂


12:00 eggplant parm with salad and a slice of Ezekiel

In between lunch and dinner Marco and I got almost 100% of our Christmas shopping done in one trip. Yes! Now we can enjoy the Holiday’s for what they are meant to be 🙂


6:00 cheese enchiladas with rice, beans, and salad

This was the end of my dairy-fest for the weekend

Monday, Dec 8

photo 2

6:00 woke up and had coffee and quiet time


9:00 1/2 of my Oatmeal with banana, almond butter, walnuts, and almond milk

9:45 Step!


12:00 toasty middle eastern flatbread with hummus, a little bit of avocado, organic spinach, tomato, onion, a little bit of italian style dressing, and a small bowl of brown rice to satisfy my craving. This was perfect 🙂

photo 3

I posted this photo on instagram yesterday, somewhat documenting a journey that I am on of replacing all my fears with love. Yesterday, my affirmation was “I am willing to witness my fears.” Such sweet things came up for me. It really gives me a sense of knowing that all the information I need to know about myself, is already with me. I just have to leave room to let it show itself.

I am working on that container of mine 🙂


3:30 was lentil soup, and toast with olive oil and avocado


The soup was incredible – of course, my Dad made it – and the avocado was perfect on top!


7:45 I had the rest of my oatmeal from breakfast with a spoonful of almond butter + decaf.

I wasn’t quite hungry enough for dinner, because I had the soup around 3:30, and that kept me full. So, I had this mini-meal instead.

Today has been great! I’ve felt so productive and happy to be in my body. I don’t know what’s happening (maybe it is that I’ve really been intentional on replacing negative/fearful thoughts with loving ones) but I am feeling so grateful for my body lately – even more than before. It’s like a whole wave of appreciation has come over me, totally renewed. I’m really enjoying it, and I’m so thankful for it…

Okay, good night y’all! Have sweet dreams, and I will see you back here tomorrow 🙂

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