Forgetting to Drink Water

Good evening (night) everyone! Hope you have all had a great Saturday! Here’s an update on the past two days:



Breakfast: bran flakes + granola, raisins & rice milk (trying to finish off my everlasting box of bran flakes – it’s the last gluten- containing food in my house)

photo 1

Snack: cherries at the park

photo 2

Lunch: picnic at the park with little Kampbell! She got Chipotle, I brought my lunch. This is another repeat of a meal from my Gluten-free Vegan Meal Plan.

photo 3

Snack: smoothie that I made with Harper – juice plus, kale, banana, coconut milk, and juice plus chocolate powder


Dinner: an amazing salad from Stone Fire with my best friend Kayla! I met her in Westlake after she got off from work

This salad was full of goodness. Quinoa, romaine, chickpeas, artichoke, tomato, red onion, cucumber, kalamata olives, and feta cheese – I’ve indulged a few times on dairy this weekend, and it’s tasted great, but seriously – I’ve had my old stomach aches return that are anything but awesome…. I’m just craving it like crazy – I’ll talk more about that later in the post


After dinner, we did something that neither of us have ever done before. Actually, I’d be shocked if even one of you have done this before! Haha! We definitely made a memory Friday night

We wanted Fro-Yo, and couldn’t decide between Yogurtland (or usual favorite) or Yozen Frogurt (new place in town).

So? We got both! Haha, I tried to get small portions at each place, but I’m just not good at that. I probably had entire container full by the end. Haha! It was all worth the fun though 🙂


This morning Marco and I went to the Gym. I did a Step Class.

After the Gym, we went downtown Ventura to the Farmer’s Market.

photo 5

Breakfast: there, we got our favorite tamales for breakfast. Chicken for him, veggie for me!

photo 2

Snack: after the FM, we went over to Palermo’s, our local coffee shop. I had a small cappuacino and one of my gluten-free, dairy free, still-full-of-sugar-of-course coconut macaroons. Yum!

photo 1

This is what happens when you go to the Farmer’s Market hungry. We were in line for tamales, I was starving, popped to the next stand over while Marco ordered, tried a piece of the macaroon, and within 6 seconds bought my own pack. Ha!


Lunch: I had a salad from the Royal Bakery. Greek salad! It came with a rosemary bread roll.


Can you see Marco’s delicious chocolate shake from the Habit in the background? Oh yea, I tried it. A-FRIGGIN-MAZING.

After lunch, we went to the movies, and I got a soy latte – Coffee overload today. We saw The Great Gatsby. Really long, but really good!


Snack: when we got home from the movies around 6:30, I had a couple mangos. I was tried to rid my crazy grilled cheese craving, again!!! I thought mangos would help? No way.

I told Marco I wanted Urbane Cafe again, he closed my computer screen, and said “go get it now! You have 30 minutes before you have to work!” So of course, I went!


Dinner: salad with gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Funny thing though. I didn’t eat this until about 9pm, because I stopped craving it after…. drumroll…. I drank water!

I started thinking about it, and I did not have hardly any water today except for the one cup during my Step Class. What? I never do that. What happened, is the cup I usually drink out of cracked, so I threw it away after Step, and forgot to drink water. I had one tiny cup with my Salad at lunch, but that’s it. Plus, I had 3 cups of Coffee today. Whoooopsie. It’s a Saturday thing that happens to me. I just want to be away from home, having fun, and not stepping foot into my Kitchen. Ha! I ate out 3 times today. I don’t ever do that either… what’s with me today?

Crazy, because I’m going out tomorrow too with friends. Well, this weekend will just be full of eating out. I’ll have to make smart choices 🙂

Do you ever cure cravings with water?

Anyone see the Great Gatsby? What did you think?

After cooking all week, do you ever have days where you just don’t want to step foot in the Kitchen? (This doesn’t usually happen to me – I think it’s because I’ve been making full recipes lately, so it takes more effort).


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